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Thank you for accepting me in the forum.

I need some help with this one. My father has owned this 356 replica for a long time now and it was originally built with a type 4 engine AC car. Well long story short, it was stolen and after a really long time it was finally relocated and brought back home. The car came with an extensive information build binder but well about 95% of the paperwork has been ruined by the weather. He recently picked up a 2276cc to make it road worthy and well we cannot get it to sit on the transaxle properly because of the type of transaxle mount used on this kit. The engine sits back just shy of an inch. This particular pan (kit) at the rear has a tubular frame that has the transaxle bracket mount.
I do not have any information on who originally owned it, built it, or the kit manufacturer? Option one is to see if the company is still around and see if this transaxle mount is specifically for type 4 motors and see if there is another one for the 2276cc if there's even such a difference in rear block? Not sure of that as well? Or Option two to make another transaxle mount that the two bottom bolts do not get in the way? Here are some pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for your time.  


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