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Anyone have a suggestion to align the shifter or shifting rod.  1st gear is too far to right, sometimes difficult to find and even with a new reverse lockout plate, it’s easy to hit reverse when shifting from 1st to 2nd-plate doesn’t work.   Also I don’t have to press the spring down to go into reverse, it easily slides in.  Any ideas on how to get aligned properly?


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Make sure your shift rod bushing is installed and in good shape. Then adjust the shifter by loosening the two bolts and tapping the tapping the plate, I think in your case you want to come a little to the left, towards the driver.

There are on-line instructions and tutorials all over the place about how to adjust the VW Beetle shifter, and they're all a little different. It's fiddly but you can usually get it with 15 minutes or a half hour's fiddling.

I’ve had a new bushing and ring clip installed and the bolt that holds the coupler in place at the rear of the shift rod where it meets the transmission. Also a new reverse lock out plate. The spring is strong when pressing down when in neutral, but it won’t press down when the shifter is pressed to the left, it easily slides into reverse.

I’m wondering if the adjustment needs to be done at the coupling…is that’s possible?

Howard Wolff

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@Howard wrote: "I’m wondering if the adjustment needs to be done at the coupling…is that’s possible?"

Not really - All that's back there is a pressed sheet metal gizmo that looks like a universal joint with a small block of hard rubber between.  Sometimes those get replaced with a block of Urethane, usually red or black and those tend to get brittle and break apart.  If what you have looks intact with no cracks then there is no further adjustment, other than making sure both lock screws are tight.

Might be worth a minute to gently lift the shifter out and make sure the shift stop plate is installed the right side up--tabs pointing upward. Pay attention to the "ski slope" feature. You'll know it when you see it. It's got to be up and to the right.

If that's all good, shine a light down and toward the rear and make sure the shift rod bushing is present and intact. That's the thing that fails most often and causes sloppy—and sometimes impossible—shifting. If it's NG you've got to put in a new one, and the only way to do that is to disconnect the shift rod at that coupler thingy, feed it forward until it passes through the loop behind the shifter, then install the bushing, grease it up and feed that rod back through. A PITA, but it's the only solution.

The bushing was replaced when I bought the car a couple months ago (assuming it’s in correctly…shifting was very sloppy before replacement). E had to pull the shift rod. I have a remote probe camera, it’s worth pulling the shifter and checking it out.

The shift stop plate is new and installed correctly with the high side on the passenger side. I thought that it Was not and pulled the shifter to check. Perhaps the spring is on the inside of the lockout flange, I’ll confirm that too.

Howard Wolff

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@Howard i have offed this suggestion a few times here recently since i did all this to my car....invest in a VINTAGE SPEED SHIFTER with the updated PORSCHE BUSHING (you wont regret it).... and install the brass EV4U shift rod bushing (good for the life of the car, then lose the plastic stock thing forever)in the tunnel hanger, which hopefully is not damaged or loose which in that case will need to be rewelded in the tunnel....while the shift rod is out , inspect to see the turret is not worn out & egg shaped...if it is it is junk..since you say the trans coupler is ok....all these things in conjunction will result in happy motoring and smiles for miles. ...but all these things won't help a problem with a internal transaxle issue....just sayin"

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Thanks…is this the shifter out of Taiwan? I’m seeing them on Ebay…is there
anyone in the US that carries this that you know of? Did you get your’ s
from Taiwan?

It’s worth a try…I want to get back to enjoyable driving.

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@Howard yesss! i got mine from taiwan...not sure about availability here or ebay & such...the key word here is the UPDATED VERSION with the PORSCHE BUSHING....go to the VINTAGE SPEED web site....or call them direct i forget the guys name, but he is very nice and knows his stuff and will steer you in the right direction...ALL our little cars should have this upgrade since the stock VW shifter is FUBAR in comparison....just IMHO   fix all the weak links in the shifter process as described  and it will be turn key enjoyment and smiles for miles

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