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I want to install a rubber seal on my trunk.  I'd taken earlier advice and added 1/4 sticky chair leg skid protectors but need a little more cushioning.

I have a FiberFab body.  Has anyone worked out what I'd need size/configuration wise to work?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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@Marshall that lip around the frunk opening can be a. Thick, b. Uneven and c. Set back a bit from where the weatherstrip needs to go.  I don’t know of anyone with a CMC/Fiberfab using that version.  Instead, we mostly use the “D” type with a stick-on backing.  You’ll need to figure out what gap you need to fill wi5 the D tube, but enter this description on Amazon - It should be really close to what you need.

Weather Stripping D Shape, Fits Gap 0.3-0.44 inch (7-12mm), Length 20 Feet (6.10 Meter)

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