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Body doesn't look like a Martin & Walker, they are very faithful to the original shape(available in the UK). I do recall Thunder Ranch was working on a 904, but I don't recall them ever offering a kit or a finished car.

Avanti? Don't remember that at all.

The fenders look "Beck" but I know it's not one, as stated. Chuck flared the fenders so modern rubber could fit.

@edsnova posted:

Looks like a real nice project to me.

But it is a project. Key issue I suspect is cooling—engine and turbo both. Heater core, A/C, etc. are farther down the list.

I think it's real viable with a worst case scenario going back to a stockish NA four-cam EJ25 at 200-ish hp.

Or a monster Type 4.

Or a built NA Sube such as this.

@DannyP posted:

All it needs is a front-mounted radiator, or an aircooled engine. Ask Jim Kelly about rear-mounted radiators in coupes. It's a LOT of work to make them "work".

If I had it, I'd swap the Suby with Jimmy V. for his huge type 4 and call it a day.


I believe the owner addressed the cooling question in the comments section. Says it's never been over 210. You'll remember Jim was chasing demons in his cooling system right up until he found a piece of equipment stuck in one of the tubes Beverly restricting flow. Since he removed the foreign object he hasn't had any cooling issues I believe.

@RCosta That was the plug for the current molds, pulled from a pair of originals and then modified to our current spec.  The SHOGun was a fun project, built 9 of them before Ford just made it too hard to do (actually barred CA dealerships from selling to us, in fact Leno had to buy his own donor cars LOL).  And that original prototype Polo motor... what a blast that was.  We ran it in a Spyder for many years and then refreshed it for a project that never happened and it is now in the hands of Rod Emory.

@edsnova Everything GTS (904) we have built is 911 powered, and while Ive had several guys ask about other drivetrains, they have all wound up Porsche powered 6 cylinder (we have a few Cayman/Boxster powered cars int he works).  Average GTS leaves here just north of $100K, and currently our used cars are trading in the $120K range.  As for the BAT car I really hate to say anything bad about someone else's project, especially that they are obviously proud of, but since you asked...  there is just SO MUCH wrong about it in my opinion.  Suspension in single shear, brackets holding brackets, odd spindles and steering with WAY too many universals in the steering, pedal position, shortened 4 link bars in place of a-arms, homemade hinges, a pilar covers are installed upside down, to name a few.  

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