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Porsche 914 type 4 2056 engine kit   

For sale engine parts Porsche 914/ type 4 to build a 2056cc engine:
71mm stock crank w/stock journal sizes polished and ready to use -$200.00
Stock rod set cleaned and ready to use.$100.00
good, slightly used Webcam 86a cam and matched lifters no wear showing- $100.00
New in box AA 96mm Pistons, rings and biral cylinders $200.00
Rebuilt Raby/AMC heads w/42/36 SS valves, guides relined, 3 angle valve grind hardened seats, HD springs, opened to accept 103,104 or 105 P&C sizes--$1000.00
Buy it all price $1500.00 plus shipping.

All parts were cleaned inspected and rebuilt by Westerfeld Enterprises in Harrison, Oh.
Call Jim 812-364-1448 9-3 EST. 812-972-4516 cell

type 4 rebuild partsmonster type 4 build 1type 4 rebuild AMC 42-36 heads 196mm P&C's Type 4



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  • type 4 rebuild parts
  • monster type 4 build 1
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  • 96mm P&C's Type 4
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