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Stan, If the buyer can do most of the work, use most of the supplied components with the kit then sub out the body & paint work to someone other than a retail body shop and keep things basic w/o going overboard with a $8k engine, if can be done for around $14k-$15k additional investment.  I just paid $12k (and $1,800 to ship) for a Classic body style Street Beast that's $13.8 just for a new untouched basic roller w/ donor engine and trans. The approach with flared speedsters is they value at 3/4 of a classic body style unless built with a street rod theme as I've done, they generate interest.

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Every time I see a Speedster sell for a decent number I contemplate letting mine least putting feelers out anyway.

I just can’t bring myself to do it even though this may be only the second vehicle in my life I won’t actually lose money long as I stop throwing paychecks at it for a while that is!

Don't you have a 1950-something Suburban to rebuild? You better get busy.

@Robert M : Therein lies the problem: my 1957 Suburban is driven almost every day and I don’t have room for another project!

I’m still catching some occasional grief about my earlly-70’s Pepsi bottle vending machine purchase last October...not to mention half my garage is currently full of new sheetmetal for the Suburban.

Maybe I need a bigger garage?

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