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@Carlos panuco

Carlos, "Welcome To The Madness" known as replica Speedster ownership! Hope you are enjoying your new ride. I'm guessing you spent the first night in the garage just staring are your new pride & joy.

That would be great for you & your wife to join the shenanigans in San Luis Obispo (SLO) for the 2021 West Coast Cruise. Unfortunately, the pandemic shut-down our 2020 cruise for that year but here is a link to the 2019 West Coast Cruise to give you an idea of what goes on.

Friday June 11th the SOC group from Nor Cal area caravan south on Hwy 1 to SLO, while the SoCal group gather in Malibu beach to caravan north on Hwy 101 to SLO. Looking forward to meeting up with you and checking out your Speedster!

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AAA-  and A can of instant flat fix, or an inflatable small tire could work depending on your rim and tire size   Change your tires earlier than later, not at the 10 year mark if you don't drive it a lot.   I am not sure how heavy the back engine lid can carry but it is not my favourite spot to carry things even though old luggage can look cool for the display. :_)

I have also yet to see an IM with rear battery as well.

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Thanks Troy. I was detailing my car when I noticed that i have no spare tire. Any suggestions not sure if a tire would fit in front ,from the battery and gas tank taking all the trunk space...

@Carlos panuco   Carlos, my previous 1995 VS Speedster had a spare tire. It had a 145 x 15 tire mounted on a 4.5" rim. Stored in the front trunk upside down so I could carry a few tools and spare parts (throttle cable and clutch cable).

Click on pic to enlarge...DSCF4061I had that car for 15 years as my daily driver and accumulated 161,000Km (100,000 miles), Having the spare did give me some peace-of-mind (plus it was just an old-school habit) as I often traveled to distant and remote locations. However, as @Troy Sloan mentioned, in all those years and miles I never had to replace a flat tire.

Hope you find this info helpful!


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Hello friends can anyone tell me if these set is worth buying.  This person is selling these set of rims for $2,000

Your car is a Vintage Speedster and most likely has 4 lug wheels or wide 5 wheels. The picture is showing Porsche Fuchs wheels which will require some modifications on your car.  Also, you can get very nice replica Fuchs for far less money.

They also appear to be far to wide.

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