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That Emory that your copying Phil, is really worth copying.  Love the colours and just about everything on it including the removable elongated hardtop.  Who does not appreciate a good idea

BTW, I just came back from a 120 mile run, left in the light, came back in the dark, the car ran great and I really was thankful I could still enjoy it as the weather is getting colder but that God I have real heat in my full subie, and seat heaters

Very nice Michael I didn't realize youhad the quad gauges.  

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Now that I see the dash in full I think the engine turned stainless steel would look great and work very well with the Outlaw look. The main dash looks basically flat, top to bottom and left to right, except for the area where the radio goes and the glove box cover. I think they could cover the main dash in one piece, and have two separate pieces to cover the glove box lid and where the radio goes. The hardest part would be accurately locating the cut outs for the gauges and switches.

9C3D83A4-98D7-47C2-B3F9-B3F3808A8115Lane. Truly the look of a content man.  Really like the roll bar. I too will be doing a roll bar. Carey said the Conv D looks better with the roll bar than the speedster because of the higher windshield. That’s with the hard top off of course.
Hey Joel (sorry if this has already been mentioned) did you consider a turbo Suby?  Same 300 hp as the 996 but much cheaper to buy and install. I considered a turbo Suby in my 356 build but my Spyder is already scary fast so I decided to go more civilized. When did you order your car?  Ordered mine about 6 months ago. The wait is a killer.


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Joel have you seen this outlaw (from  Perhaps a bit overboard, and harder to do in a replica, but they sure stuck with a theme.  Dash appears to be brushed, and I would agree with Robert.

A silver exterior in silver is one of your choices, with black interior.  You could add a wide black vinyl stripe which could always be removed if you change your mind (although I’m guessing the grill would need to be painted).  I like how they terminated the stripe on the roof near the windshield, but not all the way to the windshield.


Exterior: 4E5D6672-B8DC-4A8D-9F24-F2ABE0228224



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@Joel Roth posted:

I think they could cover the main dash in one piece, and have two separate pieces to cover the glove box lid and where the radio goes. The hardest part would be accurately locating the cut outs for the gauges and switches.

Joel, I suspect they could locate the cut outs pretty easily. My first thoughts would be to make a cardboard template to locate the holes on both the main dash and the stainless dash. If the main dash was already cut, you could position the stainless on top and reach around behind to score the cut outs on the back of the stainless. Not difficult at all.

OK guys, after talking with Carey I decided that trying to cover the face of the dash with Engine Turned metal is going to be too difficult and not worth all the time and effort to try. So I am dropping this idea.

However, I think I settled on a color choice. Silver exterior and Black interior, and seats with grommets. Its classic and will give the car a great Outlaw vibe. 

I've seen them sold as mounted matching sets on eBay ...nice looking addition for sure. Watch the pricing for the pair as they are all over the place and can be found for under $300.

I suppose that depends on how picky a guy is. The <$300 sets all have a problem (clocks don't match, font on the dials is not period correct, pair makes no sense as a rally clock, etc.).

A set of Heuer Monte Carlos can't be had for 10x that much, but they are the high-water mark for rally clocks.

The Rudenmeister set is not less than $300, but it's a nice bit of kit, and not Heuer money.

@Stan Galat posted:
The Rudenmeister set is not less than $300, but it's a nice bit of kit, and not Heuer money.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen (noticed?) the two inner spirals on the MPH scale. All my chronographs have just had a 60-600 circle. Including the one on my phone, which is the one I use now. I haven’t worn a watch since I retired.

ps: This is your reminder that 250mph is a mile every 15 seconds.


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Just a counter-point on things I put in my car. I never want to worry about anyone seeing something in my car that would seriously tempt them to try to take it loose or to cut the top.

Even with the 911s, I never locked them and only put the top up if it looked like rain or bird poop.

Life is too short for me to fret over a car that is supposed to make me happy and it doesn't have to be perfect or fancy to do that.

That being said, my better half picked out the Nardi steering wheel and I attached it with tamper resistant screws to reduce the temptation for someone to tamper with it. I am afraid of the wrath of some people.


Michael's thoughts on leading folks not unto temptation are mine, too.

A coupe might be slightly more secure than an open car, but the other side of that is that a buttoned up tonneau does a better job of hiding your temptations from the would-be tempted.

The sad thing is that the would-be tempted probably won't know the difference between the Heuer originals and a modern copy, so either would be equally gone.

I never leave anything in the car I would miss much if taken.


My car will be parked in a secure garage in my condo building However, the Stopwatches are removable so if I really felt it was an issue I cold always take them off and bring them in. However, there are a lot of "expensive" cars in my building so I am not really worried about it. Plus, I love the look of the stopwatches. They will give the car a nice finishing touch.

I agree with you, Joel, and have thought about doing something similar.  I'm just worried about it looking too busy.  If you do it, you may want to add a chain or something to prevent the extra weight from straining the hinges when the glovebox door is opened.  It's just a single piece of fiberglass and the hinges are small.

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