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@Arden posted:

I agree with 100% with Stan I’ve had some really Nice cars Muscle Cars mainly but when I got my Speedster about 7yrs ago I had no idea how much attention it would bring everywhere I go it’s Crazy!!!! I would say 99.99% was Positive more than Positive!!

I remember the first time I took it to Easton in Columbus, Oh. It’s a outdoor shopping village with some nice restaurants. My wife and I were going to dinner we pull in to the Village one guys hanging out the back window of a Tahoe yelling and taking pictures. So anyways we pulled up to the restaurant valet they asked me if I could just park it out front In between a Lamborghini and Mercedes I said sure. Boy, I  wasn’t ready for all the attention and questions It was a little overwhelming! We sat at the Bar and had a drink waiting on our table we watched as all the people gathered around and started taking pictures with the Speedster and not the Lamborghini or the Mercedes. So yeah these little cars are Special!!!!

We went back to the same place I think 3 weeks later not in the Speedster walked in and one of the guys sitting at the Bar said to me aren’t you the guy with that 56 Speedster man I just Love that car of yours!!

So like Stan says it’s coming

Pretty much what happened to me with my first IM, I wasn’t ready for it but realized how a beautiful women must feel at all the attention.  

I agree with Stan, even if I am pressed at times I try to be congenial but I keep my explanation short otherwise the time spent can be quite long. Most times this car brings smile

Hey, I had a "real" Porsche 911 4S. I loved it. Black on Black 6 speed. Dark tinted windows. It was my Darth Vader car. I put bigger and wider rims and tires on it. I put Euro springs in it to lower it. I put a Turbo tail on it. I put clear Euro side marker lights in it. I even bought a roll bar for it. The car drove like it was on rails. However, speed bumps were not my friends. I know what "real" is and I don't care. I want my Coupe. I can't wait. 

wow!...i LUV these kinda's the reason we enjoy this forum.....people sometimes ask me what it is about these cars....i have come up with a very generic answer...i say these are the precursor to the unmistakable 911....and are a very iconic shape which will never go out of style and is a shape that is very pleasing to the human eye...kinda like a shapely FEMALE FORM in silhouette,,,,,now that i have your attention...."time" for sumthin' completely different....time....see what did there? IMG_20211116_142604_441


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@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Okay, Stan and Mitch.

Speaking of puppies - and excuse more thread drift -  the newest member of our family... 

Border puppy

What a ridiculously cute dog, Dr. Carley.

We had several "not very good" (not very well trained) dogs growing up. We never had time to spend with them, and it showed.

My son was mauled by a friend's German Shepard when Michael was 5, which kinda' soured me on owning a dog myself. Dogs are animals, not "fur babies", and as long as people remember that, I've got zero beef with them. Just remember 2 things:

1) They are a "pack" animal. They exist as part of a larger whole, and do not do well when denied social interaction. The more interaction the better. They need an alfa male to function well. Be that alfa male. If you are uncomfortable with that, your dog will behave erratically because he doesn't know his place in the world.

2) If you own a dog, you are the alfa. If you can't take the dog with your bare hands, you should treat it like a loaded weapon. Put your Rottweiler in a choke collar for a walk, unless you have the wherewithal to put the dog down if he moves aggressively on somebody.

Last dog comment: There's a wide variety of political opinion on this site, and I'd imagine there's a wide range of opinions on gun ownership and use. I'll say this - gun owners get their homes broken into all the time. People with dogs ALMOST NEVER get their homes broken into.

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My two Jack Russells were polar opposites when riding in the Speedster.

Sophie would curl up on the passenger floor and go to sleep.

Murphy would stand up in the passenger seat and bark at any dog, cat, squirrel or person on the side of the road and then would look over at me like, "See?  Didn't I do a good job protecting you?"

One of my biker buddies has three top restaurants in Worcester and the valets always ask me to park out front near the door because they tell me they get better tips when I park out there.  I'm happy to oblige and they make sure no one messes with it.

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Yep.  I'll have to train it to ride in the Speedster. 

That doesn't require training. It's the sitting in one spot and not drooling all over your beautiful car that requires training...

It's usually the same with retrieving. They KNOW how to do that instinctively. It's getting them to bring whatever to you and drop it for another go that requires training.

I'm in total agreement with Stan. I've trained two dogs. The first from a puppy, and the second was a year old. You've got to establish that Alpha thing.

Training - which means more than doing tricks - begins the moment we get the dog, which is today.  We have a full plan set out to establish a strong relationship, which then underpins everything else.  As Stan says, they are dogs, not 'fur babies', and need strong leadership and guidance, routine, discipline, and structure.  Fun comes along with all that.

The dog needs to know to be well mannered, obedient, and well socialized, and life is then good for both the dog and me, family members, and anyone who comes to visit.

I need to bring out all my latent, well hidden, Alpha male tendencies...

@DannyP posted:

That doesn't require training. It's the sitting in one spot and not drooling all over your beautiful car that requires training...

Both of our dogs regularly get rides in the speedster and they love it. Since I'm alpha, I hardly ever let them drive.

As @DannyP says, they've trained me to tolerate the drool marks down the passenger side door...Screenshot_20200915-100723


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