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I posted previously that I am having Carey at Beck build me an Outlaw version of their Super Coupe with a Porsche Boxster 3.2 liter S motor and a 5 speed transmission.

Recently, I spoke to Carey and he told me about a 1 off Super Coupe that they were building with a rear mounted engine instead of mid-engine. It also has a rear seat very similar to the original layout. The engine/transmission they were using in that car was the same Subaru engine/transmission they use in their Super Coupe. Carey told me that by moving the engine back to the rear they pick up a lot more interior legroom. He told me he would build me one if I wanted it instead of the mid-engine version. He also told me that because of the additional room they can use a Porsche 911 motor and transmission from a 996.  I told him definitely. So now I am having him build me an Outlaw version of the rear engine Super Coupe with a Porsche 911 motor and 6 speed transmission from a 996 with the same features that I specified before. It should be wicked fast. I may have him upgrade the brakes now as well.


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Ask him if he can include the ABS and traction control from a 996 as well. You’re going to need it. You’re going to end up with more rear bias than a 911.

Seriously, I’d invest in a Porsche Experience so you can size up the difference between high powered mid-engines vs rear engines Porsches before you invest that kind of money in what will no doubt be a stunning car.

That is, unless you’re familiar with the issues. In that case, “Never mind.”



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If the car is built properly, with correct suspension enhancements, it will be a dream to drive.  The rear weight bias can be easily overcome with the proper set up. 

I don't have traction control, nor do I have ABS.  I do have a 3.6 engine from a 1995 993.  Intermeccanica built this car to handle that weight and power, and I am sure Carey will do the same.  Get fat enough tires on the rear, sway bars front and back , a well balanced chassis, and the issue of the back end coming around, pretty well disappears.  It's all about making the car beefy enough to handle the weight and the power.

Obviously, good disc brakes are needed, as is rack and pinion steering.  Maybe Carey can source 911 components for the build, as Henry did with mine.

Enjoy the build, Joel.

Thank-you guys for all your comments.

First, I believe I am #14 in the Que and they are up to 8 or 9.  So mine should start soon.

Second, I will ask Carey about whether he can add ABS and Traction Control from the 911. They source a used 911 for the engine and transmission, so since ABS and Traction Control  are already part of the 911 they may very well be able to include them. Either way I will ask and let you guys known.

Third, for those not familiar with the Beck Super Coupe it is my understanding Carey has extended the body and the wheelbase approximately 2"-3". He uses 2x4 steel tube chassis with 1x2 lateral bracing and a center tunnel. It has a double A frame front suspension with adjustable coil overs. For those of you that know Chuck and have followed their limited releases on the Coupe development, you know that this was a LONG part of the development process and they achieved a PROPER suspension geometry with virtually 0 bump steer. They also use an inverted A-frame trailing arm rear suspension with 4 link and adjustable coil overs. Manual rack and pinion steering. Standard Beck steering column with crush coupler. Standard Beck 4 wheel disc brakes with track brake packages available upon request. (I am requesting it).

So, knowing Carey, the car will be built and set up to handle the weight and power.

Yes, I am very excited and can't wait to get the car. I was not planning on Tracking the car, but I am having them install a roll bar just in case I change my mind.

Now for colors, I am thinking of going with a Graphite Gray or Slate Gray exterior and an Oxblood or English Tan/Saddle interior. What do you think?


I commend you for getting the roll bar.  It also provides a way to mount headrests, although that would restrict access to the rear seat/luggage area if you do so.  You can skip the 4-point harnesses I have if you aren't going to track it.

I seriously doubt that Carey can add ABS and traction control.  The electronics just get awfully complex real fast.  I'm still tweaking the suspension setup on mine, but you probably won't need sway bars.  I have yet to experience noticeable body roll and I am not sure where you'd put them anyway.  These are little cars and things get crowded underneath rather quickly.

I have found some minor issues of the sort Carey and I expected, and have implemented (or am in the process of doing so) solutions that will make their way into production.  The car is evolving quickly from something really special to something really spectacular.

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I am using a lot of the same design elements. But my car will be a little more Outlaw looking. Deleted front and rear bumpers. I am going with Fuchs replicas as well, Black centers with polished rims, front Driving lights and Fog lights, Stone guards on the headlights, hood straps, center mount gas filler and cap, as well as the Raydot mirrors and Bee Hive Taillights and twin center mounted exhaust. Also installing a Roll bar with an X brace if they can fit it in.


Visible hinges are ok if you need or want to access the engine easier, but really fit the outlaw look coupes like Emory cars.
Bob you also have LEd beehives from CuLayered I think they are a great LED company to deal with.

Joel the option list will grow if we have our way here . The list members can help you spend your money

More to the point I wish I had been part of the list earlier As I might have had a more complete build as there is always something  you don’t think about or you think you won’t need at the moment but when you try it or see it in someone else’s car you realize I should of … that is why we refer to it as the madness as you continue to upgrade it seems forever. Have fun

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