I'm a new Speedster owner, and a USAA member.

They won't insure it, but they want me to use American Classic and say that I will get a discount for being a USAA member.

Thinking about Grundy or Hagerty instead.

I will let you know what I decide, maybe I will go with what USAA wants me to do, but I have a feeling they will stick me with a high premium?

Anyone here been in this same situation with USAA?

I saw on another thread that someone got USAA to insure their Beck, but I don't know they managed to do that, everything I read on the website  says no to replicas.

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I had a falling out with Grundy after they told me that under their policies, my 79 Alfa and 78 Porsche would only be covered for parades, to/from cars shows, and in storage. That any sort of regular vehicle usage and they wouldn't be covered. 

I have my regular cars insured with State Farm and they wrote me a policy for the 968 and Beck with an agreed value of $25K, and the only limitations is <5,000miles/year and any kind of competition.  They're both dirt cheap compared to Grundy and Haggarty. ~$150/year. 

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“I have my regular cars insured with State Farm and they wrote me a policy for the 968 and Beck with an agreed value of $25K, and the only limitations is <5,000miles/year and any kind of competition.  They're both dirt cheap compared to Grundy and Haggarty. ~$150/year.”

Interesting.  State Farm wouldn’t insure my Beck back in ‘06.  Hagerty wasn’t cheap (~$500) but treated me well when I had my accident and had no problem with ~5000 miles a year as long as it wasn’t a daily driver.

It may vary state to state, but State Farm has insured my car since 2005 for an agreed value ($35k?). There are no limitations on use, other than mileage upon which the rate is based. I had to get a professional appraisal, but that was pretty easy.

I had done no business with State Farm before this, and switched to them specifically for the coverage. They wanted at least one other piece of "normal" business in order to write the policy, and they now have 3 houses (mine and two rentals), two cars, the speedster, and a VW bus. They were great on a hail damage claim for one of the houses and the minivan, but I have no idea if they'd balk with a claim on one of the classics. It's not as cheap as Grundy or Hagerty-- but it is very reasonable for the peace of mind I've got.

I had Hagerty and American Modern (before State Farm) on the two speedsters I had before this one. Hagerty paid a claim for a bad paint scrape I got pulling into the garage a bit too close to a pancake air compressor. It's been 16 years, but they let me go where I wanted and paid the whole thing without deductible.

I would have stayed with them, but the limitations on use spooked me. I read the actual language of the policy and became concerned that in a real claim situation (where the car is the least of my concerns-- personal injury liability is what scares me), they could point to the "show and parade" clause and deny coverage.

Everybody judges insurance by how they do in a minor claim (like, up to $50k)-- I'm much more concerned with how they might handle something where I kill or main myself, a passenger, or somebody else. That's the reason insurance came into existence-- not to pay for a paint scratch, and that's what I'd be shopping for, personally.

Your mileage may vary.

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Ditto on Lane's Hagerty experience. Without going into details, they are an excellent company and I just added my 2007 Cayman to the policy for peanuts. It seems that they expanded their coverage to ALL Porsches. Not just classics or replicas anymore.

unfortunately yes,my Tiger has hit and run while i was in the store 10 minutes, took out the whole front fender,,claims guy came out and said i could take it anywhere i want, $5400. no hassles from Grundy..

And mine for the year is $145 or so? Being in Massachusetts, I expected the usual penetration into my wallet -not unlike what you'd get in prison. It's how we live here. Anything to do with insurance or the Registry, you bring plenty of Vaseline because it usually isn't pretty. You present your paperwork, trembling, eye twitching, ready to have some 20-year-old twit man-handle you, lights dim for a moment -you leave whimpering, violated... I think they train that skill.

But I did mine back in May and it was almost pleasant. Insurance with Grundy was cake. Even the RMV was easy. Was starting to wonder if I had fallen into a different dimension.

I had my Speedster insured with Liberty Mutual for 18 years, but as a '69 VW convertible, agreed coverage of $25K.  As soon as I re-registered it as a '57 Porsche Replica (based on a '69 VW) the local office freaked out and wouldn't touch it.

Went with Hagerty, instead, for less money than LM, slightly better coverage and >5K miles per year.  Their on-line support is very good and I never have to see the local office.

@Nolan posted:

That's odd, my Grundy policy says ok to occasional pleasure drives besides car shows and parades. 

That's what they told me, too. Until I called to clarify what was printed in the rider. Like all insurance, it's probably a state by state issue. I was living in Las Vegas at the time. 

I had to quit Haggarty when I moved to Las Vegas because they wouldn't even insure my 92 968. It was "too new." But I understand they've changed to allow one modern "normal" vehicle per policy. But I don't know if they'll write an agreed value policy for it. 

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