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I will shortly be the new owner of Alan Merklin’s latest #50 creation.  So stoked. 

Question for any in the know. Does anyone have any advice on how or what I’ll find when I try to register this car in VA?  Are there different ways of going about it? 

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I wish I could give you VA specific information but I can’t. But generally if the car is already registered it should be pretty seamless getting it registered. Take the DMV, or whatever it’s called in VA, the paperwork and just get it transferred into your name and address.

Here is the page from VA regarding replica vehicle registration but I’d start with just trying to re-register the car in your name.

Va is pretty easy I had my Beck 356 and 550 both registered in VA. For the 356 I just did the Special Construction Vehicle application. It took about two weeks in 2013. Not sure how that would go now. I had regular plates on my tub. My Beck 550 was done by the Porsche dealer in PA where I bought it in 2015. 


You just don't want it registered as a recent year - since that will trigger a requirement for emissions testing.  They will search for a non-existent ODB port and fail you.  Northern VA has emissions testing - not sure if other parts of VA currently do.  The old tail pipe exhaust sniffers are gone.

You also don't want it titled as a 1957 Porsche - as that will trigger high yearly personal property taxes (and initial sales tax).

If titled as a VW as Wolfgang stated it is very easy - Black plate ( Antique ) about 59.00 for life and no inspections. Says 5,000 max per year but it is never checked. I don't have a front plate mounted either ( required in VA ) but with black plate never a 2nd glance by the police. It is a hobby car and only get thumbs up from the police if they even look at me. 

If registered as an antique you can also buy old used license plates with the year of registered car - say off eBay.  I had a 1971 VW chassis and had '71 VA plates.  Just make sure you buy a pristine set with no rust, dents or touch ups --- and get both F&R.  I forget if you have to send them to Richmond or if local office can approve them for use.


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