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AND the weight. Add weight to the to the beam unless you have a spare and tools in the frunk. I have 26 pounds added to my car. 6 degrees of caster (2 shims per side). Front sway bar and rear camber compensator. You need all that stuff.

Radial tires 22psi front 26 in the rear.

I guess you did mean over 60mph and not 60 y.o. for the driver. We couldn't help with that.

I couldn't resist

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A big battery in front helps too.  Even a larger 12.5 gallon gas tank helps with weight.  Also does it have a working steering damper? It helps prevent steering wheel vibration.  I'd also look at ball joints - some replacements are known to bind.  I assume VS rebuilt entire pan back when it was built - but many aftermarket parts are suspect.

Image result for vw bug steering damper

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You will find that Carey makes the car right.

Spyders are generally fine to 110 mph or more when they're aligned properly. You won't be needing to add weight up front, you can't use caster shims. A front sway bar will make it better yet. Like Danny says, a kit of tools and spares will do it no harm whatsoever. They get light in the nose around 115. That could be a problem if you're racing, but if it causes trouble on the street you might want to change cars.

And countries.

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