A friend is looking to buy a 550 spyder and ask were are the vin # on each spyder models ,vintage , beck, thunder ranch , Mexico 550 ,ect..

One of the spyders that he is looking at has Mexican paperwork only ??

Wanted the clubs opinion for him



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La araƱa may or may not have a vin, it all depends what they used as a frame, pan etc but you never know where they might have put something to identify the car. 

Some who have Becks and Vintage would need to chime in to tell us where they have theirs.

A Perry D is easy (but a little ugly) - it uses a full size stock VW pan.

On older Beck - The chassis number, if it is a Chamonix built Beck, is on the passenger's side rear. On the 1x2 crossmember that the nosecone of the gearbox is on. Should be on the top, almost all the way to the passenger's side 3" frame rail. It will be 550.00.XXX

Beck chassis number is in 3 possible locations.  A plate at the lower left corner of the gas tank, a tag in the driver's side door jamb, and stamped into the chassis on the 1x2 crossmember that supports the tail of the transaxle (what would be the nose of the transaxle in the Beetle) all the way to the passenger side where the 1x2 meets the 3" rail.

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