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Smart choice ordering from Greg at VM of California! 

Pretty sure this is what you are asking for....if not Greg can tell you whatever you need to know. He has a top notch air cooled engine builder building these for him

AS 41 Engine case opened for 94mm cylinders

1914cc Engine Specs

Brand new 69mm Counter weighted crank CB Performance

12v Chromoly lightened Flywheel

New VW stock size rods

VM2 cam for Solex carbs CB Performance

New lifters

US made cam gear

94mm AA piston & cylinders

8mm chromoly head studs

26mm Shadak oil pump with full flow cover

New Dual port Heads with 40x35.5 valves and single high rev springs CB Ponchito

1:1 rockers with swivel feet and solid shafts

Stock clip on valve covers

8.2:1 compression ratio

Engine is fully balanced

Valvoline VR1 20/50 oil

CB Magna Spark Ignition


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