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2005 Vintage Porsche 550 Reproduction

Mileage 12,100

Dimension - 12’ x 5’

Silver powder coated frame

Toyota silver (1co Toyota paint code)

Paint & Aluminum skinning

Front hood underside & rear clam underside - prep and paint - Bent Metal Customs

Front & Rear aluminum fender wells - Fibersteel & Bent Metal Customs

Rear clam surround - hand pounded aluminum - Alloy Cars 

Firewall - double plated aluminum with insulation between sheeting - Bent Metal Customs

Engine / Transmission / Exhaust / Brakes / Rims 

Engine - Porsche Type IV 2300cc 185 HP - FAT Performance, Orange CA 

Transmission - VW 4:12 ring & pinion 3:10 1st  1:93 2nd   1:26 3rd    0:82 4th 

Brakes - Disc 5 lug with period correct aluminum drum brake skins

Rims - 5 lug powder coated 16 x 3.5 rims - original 550 style & size - on car

Rims - 5 lug powder coated 15 x 5.5 rims - non-period correct for track - stored

Tires - Firestone Bias Ply Deluxe Champion 4.5-4.75 - 16 (2018) (<2000 miles) - Correct type & size

Exhaust - Dual Magnaflow ceramic coated

Pedals - Neal with hydraulic clutch

Battery - Full size, correct front position, period correct braided cables with leather hold strap

Shocks - Coilover adjustable (2018 replaced - Fibersteel)

Porsche 547 style valve covers

Fire suppression system tube - Blaze Cut, installed, rear clam - Fibersteel 2018

Differentiating reproduction details 

Correct 550 shift box - Jamar mechanicals - Fibersteel 2018

Correct 550 Bosch reproduction horns  - Fibersteel 2018

Correct 550 handbrake 

Correct 550 Banjo wheel with Porsche horn button

Correct 3 gauge cluster 8K tach - Palo Alto speedometer - new bulbs 2018 self installed

Original 550 Auto Pulse fuel pumps (original pieces, non-functional) - Bent Metal Customs installation 

Correct 550 plexiglass windscreen with leather fittings - fittings upgraded Fibersteel 2018

 Correct 550 rear view mirror - Fibersteel upgrade 2018

 Correct 550 fender mirror with leather gasket - new gasket Fibersteel 2018

Reproduction Nurburgring Badge, driver’s side

 Reproduction Wendell Badges right and left front fenders

Additional details

Front & rear lights period correct

Front and rear jack points

Front and rear key latch covers

Correct ignition button

Reproduction Porsche 550 manual in leather bound jacket

Porsche emblems

Red leather interior

Crow lap belts

Full black tonneau cover for cabin

Period correct German square weave carpet

North Hollywood Competition Motors license plate frame

Indoor car cover specific to 550

Recent maintenance:

Spark plugs (2019) - RPM Motors

Distributor (2018) - Robbie Provos Motors -Porsche racing

Battery (2018) - Fibersteel

Oil Filter and Oil change (October 2019 - RPM Motors)

Fuel pump (2018 - self installed)


Bosche style horns 


Correct mirror



Fender well aluminum skinning front and rear


Gas tank skinning and prepped & painted hood underside


Rear skinning with prepped and painted under clam


Double walled aluminum firewall with sound proofing between the sheets


Original style shift gate


Non functioning but actual original fuel pumps


Type IV engine, specs above, FAT performanceDA48CFAF-62CE-4D51-9085-F8D67D3DF4180BF63197-4BB3-4F43-BE4E-F2F6527162FF8E9FD8C1-050F-4D7F-8AC7-AE8C110CC0DEB65578E0-50D3-4916-B429-005C2F2BA4AB98563034-53F6-4CA4-8C0B-48A77F32E12C

At the Fibersteel shop in California


Asking price: $56.5K 

Location: Bucks County PA (30 miles up 95 from Philadelphia) 


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  • 7A195B14-771F-412B-9C1C-2F27F47C2BE9
  • 757CDECB-9321-4B56-B63D-74EDBA033733
  • 5F201FFE-29FA-4CAA-A1C3-F6606C40CCFE
  • 1647149D-3125-4EB7-9538-882D8BD92068
  • DD07F949-6C41-4283-B791-02DDA4A66128
  • 22233B30-860B-48B1-96BD-A2C18B317C7A
  • 4075EA88-4DD4-4AD6-944D-A3A690D0CDBF
  • 852B6D9A-17D0-419B-8935-42D91BEC39B9
  • 3F817AB9-ABFA-4F5F-9635-3908A58E91A0
  • DA48CFAF-62CE-4D51-9085-F8D67D3DF418
  • 98E18A5A-D9FC-4167-85E8-447E970AFFC7
  • 0BF63197-4BB3-4F43-BE4E-F2F6527162FF
  • 8E9FD8C1-050F-4D7F-8AC7-AE8C110CC0DE
  • B65578E0-50D3-4916-B429-005C2F2BA4AB
  • 98563034-53F6-4CA4-8C0B-48A77F32E12C
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If you’re talking about the rear with the clam raised, what you’re not seeing are the strut towers. Russ at Fibersteel was either not producing them any longer or unable to mount them due to a Vintage’s construction, I don’t recall. Otherwise, with the car off the rack, clam closed, the configuration is pretty spot on.

Most Vintage Spyders run a 5.5" rear wheel with a smaller backspace, thereby pushing the rear tires outward a little. They can do this because all Vintage Spyders run a short axle setup. Just about all Spyders run a 4.5" in the front.

I think what Eric is seeing is the slightly inset from normal(at least on a replica) of the 16 x 3.5" wheels that look, at least to me, about the same offset as VW 4.5" wheels.

FYI, the Beck Spyders typically run a long rear axle, and use stock 4.5" front and a custom widened 5.5" rear. But they are widened to the inside and look the same as the fronts.

@Robert M -- thanks! I have a few ideas. I'm not the ultimate authority, but I've been staring at these cars for a while now! 

A few differences:

1) The Fibersteel car is running a 15" tire and is lower to the ground, while the original car above (I believe that's 0090) it is running a 5,00x16 bias-ply, which has a larger diameter. I think this gives the perception that they are different in shape, but I am not sure that this is the case.

2) Most replicas don't have completely closed up wheel wells like the real cars did. Rather, you can reach in and see the beam and the steering box.

Just my thoughts! Neat details on this car. GLWTS



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