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That’s our very own, @ericthered

Petrolicious filmed the piece in February. Eric’s done a wonderful job with his Spyder; the piece is well deserved. 
I’m only wishing Eric’s car was either darker or had more chrome, so I could get my 10s of fame in a reflection  🤣

It’s only fitting the  “chase scenes” were done with with the Spyder’s “brother”?.....”cousin”?


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I had a blast.  And was so happy @ericthered asked me to share this experience with him.  Eric put a lot of work in his car, and I'm happy he got the recognition he deserved.  I just wish the video actually showed more of his work.  Perhaps I can convince Eric to share the interior photos of his car.  

As for the filming, we first started with the cameras on some mid-size GMC rental SUV. I drove while the cameras were fixed to the side of the SUV.  The director would tell us to slow down, pass, etc.  The problem we faced with the SUV's turbo 4-cyl. was turbo lag.  The 550 acceleration was instantaneous, whereas the SUV lagged.  The sounds of the 550 were drown out in the curves by the shriek of the SUV's tires.

So the director asked if we could attach the cameras to my speedster.  IMHO, that makes the footage that much cooler, that the motion shots of the 550 were captured by its replica counter.  Truly a Vintage Motorcars of Hawaiian Gardens dream.  Luckily my laughter was drown out by the sound of our engines.  I had a grin from ear to ear filming.  I let Eric know that I felt as though it was back in the 50s and we were racing.....or filming Ford V Ferrari.

Eric's 550 is awesome, and a real attention getter.  It's fun to watch his spyder win Monterey Car Week, drawing hoards of attention, whether parked on 17-mile or at Spanish Bay.  I'm happy Petrolicious shared the stable and workshop where his collection is kept.  The Spyder is just one cool ride of many.



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@ericthered posted:

@Robert M.  

the watch is from a company called AutoDromo and they make some amazing car inspired watches. This model is called Veloce and was produced about 6 years ago. Between this watch and my Persol Steve McQueen SM714 glasses with blue lenses are my go to ride equipment. watch

Nice looking watch. It reminds me, albeit a little more expensive, of a watch others were making that resemble the 356 tachometer. Ryan in NorCal’s friend had them for sale her a couple years ago.

I have a collection of watches and my favorites are my vintage look watches. I have a WWII bomber watch called a Nav B Uhr and an Ocean Vintage Military Red watch. Both are Swiss watches from Steinhart out of Germany. Rhe Watch and sunglasses definitely help set the tone/mood while out ripping through the countryside. I think I’ll go for a drive now. 

Thanks for the really nice comments guys! It was so much fun to do this film. They really let me show what my passions were and are everyday. Was a great process and having friends come and hang out and @Kevin bay-area to use his car as a chase car was a magical moment. 

@DannyPI highly respect your knowledge and skill on these cars as I learn, thank you for the nice comment about craftsmanship its an important thing in my personal tool chest I pride myself at. Finding the balance is becoming what im known for in out circle I can feel it. Thank you for noticing that.

Thank again folks for the nice comments, I hope I did the group proud and was able to help add respect to our cars and work done to them. Who know maybe Werks will have a special class for all of us in the future!

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