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Anyone out there making a visit to Vintage Motorcars in the near future ?
I ordered a new Speedster through Cloud 9 Classics and was hoping that someone could take some build pictures for me . The car came out of paint about 2 weeks ago and is in assembly I believe with a projected completion date toward the end of May .

Slate Gray ,cardinal  red leather diamond stitch interior, light gray German square weave , retro radio, hard tonneau cover , full tonneau cover , black rag top, spider shine down plate housing , black leather hood straps and driving lights ... 1914cc .

First speedster build but not new to the custom build process and would love to have some photos of the evolution!

thanks in advance


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I was there today to pick up some parts but unfortunately I did not see this post until just now! They seemed to be extremely busy but Greg still took 15 minutes to get me dialed on my parts request. Seemed to be all hands on deck and a decent size crew all working away! I am fairly certain I am ordering some new seats, and I will return there in 2-3 weeks when they are ready, happy to sniff around then if needed! The cars I saw all looked very good.

Guys, I am right

@Victorious I always provide pics as Greg gets them to me. As @benster mentions Greg is slammed right now and all hands are definitely in motion. I do not like to ask him to constantly get me pics of every car he is building as it simply pulls him away from getting cars built and taking care of business.  The most important pics are when the car is done in my opinion but I always ask that Greg gets me some in progress pics when possible.

Spoke to Greg today and he is going to get you some pics @Victorious No doubt your car is going to be quite spectacular.  Thank you.

Benster, thanks for the follow up...based on everything I have read on this site and the information Roy has shared with me about how busy Greg and the Vintage crew is is why I reached out to the speedster community. Based on all the posts I see there seems to be a steady stream of guys visiting the shop and sharing pictures of the facility and cars in production and completed.

Believe me , I’m the last guy right now that wants to slow the process down ! Lol

Ive learned through a number of custom builds that have all since moved on to new owners that having build pictures is always a positive .

Roy, thanks for the follow up as well .... Benster . Enjoy the new seats!!


John - If you have ordered via Roy at Cloud 9, I trust you live in or near Atlanta.  Greg built my 1st speedster ( in 2019 and now is building my 2nd.  If you'd find helpful a non-commercially interested convo re. Greg's builds, I'd be more than happy to discuss.  Of course and as is clear from other comments, it won't surprise you that I believe Greg is the only builder to go to.  Best, Dave B

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