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Jim Kelly posted:

I agree that the center fill gas cap is cool.  However, unless I'm missing something, there is no "dog bowl" surround with drain on the filler neck, so driving in the rain would let water into the trunk.

Having owned a Spyder for 15 years I have a little experience with center-fill. Yes, some water will get in if you drive in the rain or wash your car. But which of you Californians will ever do either?

I did the doggie bowl with drain on my first car. It works and keeps it all out, yes. But honestly there isn't that much that gets in, even if you drive in the rain. Haven't installed the bowl on the new car yet after 2 years.

And if you tow, just blue tape over the whole deal and you're good.

Greg drills a hole in the bottom of the trunk and a small towel will get whatever may be around the filler neck.

To all of you that are drooling over Greg's recent build ...

This is my build and Greg has produced one of the best ever.  And yes, the fog light mounting is my request, not Greg's suggestion ... in keeping with Outlaw/roadster positioning and hardware desires.  Shipment is scheduled.  Fun awaits.

A big thanks to Greg Leach, Vintage Motorcars of CA and Greg's gang for a great build, great responsiveness, and attention to every one of my desired details.  And yes, a drain is being installed around the fuel filler cap, among other final touches, prior to shipment.

Finally, a special call-out to Troy for his counsel; a better SOC friend would be hard to find.  Thanks for your recs, Troy.

Happy motoring, all.


Guys, hope all are well. 

I wanted to let you know that my lovely Outlaw Speedster (Seal Grey, pictured above in this thread), built by Greg several months ago with multiple custom adds (A/C, all-wheel discs, center fill fuel with dog bowl and drain, interior lighting, kill switch, fog lights, sidewinder exhaust, heated seats, clear bra installed ... the list goes on ...) has been returned to Greg by covered transport for sale via his shop.

The car is PERFECT and has a grand total of 125 miles on the odometer.  I am parting with this wonderful vehicle with real reservation, but will have Greg build me another with even further upgrades (Suby).

I have driven many a Speedster and Spyder build; never have I found a better builder than Greg and Vintage Motorcars of CA.  Take a look at 'fit and finish'; we all will agree one doesn't find better than Greg's builds.  

The car arrived at Greg's shop in Hawaiian Gardens last week and is drive-away flawless.  I part with my Speedster with a heavy heart and the hope that one of my SOC colleagues will give it a new home.  Please reach to Greg for info you need.  I also can send more photos if serious interest.

Thanks to all that supported my original build and to Troy for his referral to Greg ... so good a referral that I'm signing up for the next build!

All best,


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