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@dlearl476 posted:

I wish. In the 18 years I’ve owned my 968, Cabs were mostly selling $2-$5K more than coupes. Until about 4 years ago when I decided to sell mine. Now it’s the opposite, which I can understand. Coupes are better “Porsches.” But IMO, Cabs are a lot prettier, but basically “Boulevardiers.” Although a heck of a nice GT car.

Understand the coupe line of thought but my 991.1 GTS Cab tells me otherwise whenever I drive her!

I can understand. But a 991 is a different beast. Despite having the most torque of any 4 cylinder production motor at the time, the 968 only has about 275hp.  And it’s a pretty heavy car.

It’s really a shame Porsche didn’t follow they 924/944/968 tradition and put the turbocharged 5 cylinder they developed for the RS2 Avant in them.  Or a turbocharged VR6. But according to legend, Porsche never wanted to produce a car that approached the 911 performance-wise  

Right after I bought mine, a guy in CA developed a supercharger for them. Got it CARB certified and everything  I’m still kicking myself I didn’t install one when they were available. The lucky few that did said they transformed the car.

As it is, any 2005< Econobox will blow its doors off. But it will do 90-100mph all day in total comfort.  

Here's the thing.

Roy has the BaT auction audience figured out, and the auction audience at BaT rewards Roy for understanding them. "A rising tide lifts all boats" for sure, but it's important to understand (deeply understand) - that the crazy-high prices for Speedsters we're seeing from time to time on BaT are all Greg Leech Vintage Motorcar speedsters speced, detailed, and marketed by Roy. They are a known commodity, and BaT buyers are money-guys not car-guys.

Not every schlub is going to get $80k for his car.

I bought and sold cars PT for 20 years at my friend's shop learning a lot about the general public with money to spend.  There is an exacting formula for ppl that impulse buy... those that have money in their pocket is like revving a drag car waiting for the tree to light. Once their eyes and heart ( spouse or child) are set on a particular vehicle the "Gotta have it now" deal usually will go down as patience for many goes right out the door in the name of the  "Gotta have it now".  (At that juncture one can sell Ice to an Eskimo)  Ppl usually don't care much about tangible facts but will intently listen to the benefits. Hence, my best deal closing line was: ............ "The car has gone through the shop for a detailed inspection & full service, this car is better than buying the unknown out of someone's home driveway so there's less chance your daughter (son)  calling you at 1AM to tell you their ride crapped out "....... Sold!

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