Even before I got my Vintage Speed shifter I was bothered by the fact that the rubber boot is not attached at the bottom.

I spent countless hours searching online for a replacement. I found one I thought would work and I designed and20190720_080822Boot2 had 3-D printed a piece to retain it at the bottom. Unfortunately, that piece obstructed the full movement of the lever. I bought a 356A boot but it was way too small. For a while, I use the top part of a 911 boot but it looked too big.

Finally, bought this CV joint boot and used part of it. It is very flexible and the bottom stays in place without retaining it. The top opening is bigger than the shifter shaft so I cut off the top of the original boot and put it inside the top of the CV joint boot. I should glue it in place.


The boot is actually black even though it is blue in the photo with dimensions.

1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI


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@Carlos G,  you've really got me thinking about making a change now.

The leather boots I have seen on Vintage Speed shifters look too large to me although I don't mean to disparage anyone's car. I considered a Nardi boot with red stitching but was afraid it would be too large.

I found a place online that makes custom shift boots.  They can do red stitching or red piping on the boot.

I think I picked up a black leather shifter boot at the Carlisle Raffle one year, but black in a Burgundy interior looked  so I took it all apart and used the pieces as a template for making another one out of my interior material.  I was the "local seamstress" (I wore a kilt at the time and had my own sewing machine - "You're not using my Quilting machine on THAT stuff!" I was told - and it came out decent enough.  I sewed some velcro hook side inside of the base of it and that stuff holds it fast to the carpeting.

Mike:  I have black leather seats with red stitching in my DD and can take a photo of the look, if you wish.

I think my head works like Michael's.  My car also has a Vintage shifter, and the disconnected boot bottom bugged me too.  I found one on eBay.  It had a flange on the bottom.  I trimmed the flange and with some harsh language and rubber lube got it on.  Fit is snug so no clamp or other fastener needed.  Only 12 bucks.

07-25-2019 Shift Boot07-25-2019 Mod Shift Boot in car 


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@Ewatub, I think your boot looks better than my cutoff CV boot.  Do you have a description or link to find one on eBay?

Right now, after the comment above by Carlos, I am working on getting a custom leather boot made with red piping.

The cocomat material over the tunnel is very interesting.  I haven't seen that before.

I hope your head works better than mine.  Mine is not working as well as I would like at times.

I'm a digital refugee so I'll need to learn the linking thing.  So no one's hung up by my low learning curve, hope the attached helps: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GEAR-...aja-bug/333046587343

I dug Michael's cv boot approach.  Since cv boot material tends to be fairly pliable, it could also work on trigger style shifters.  I have a vw trigger shifter in my other car.  I never liked the plastic bottom.  I have a cv boot somewhere in my pile of stuff.  When I'm done being house painter, I'll give Michael's idea a try. 

Missed Stuff:

I cut & pasted the address line from the eBay listing and created a link, dumb luck, no skill.  Dunno if it's just sales hype, but seller indicates 11 total, 8 sold, so 3 left @ $11.95.  There are other listers somewhat higher in prices.

The Coco mat tunnel cover.  The Coco mat guys sent me pattern material for the footwells & tunnel.  They did a nice job all fits well.


Michael:  Carlos' suggestion for the stand off picture was good, it really shows how the boot fits with the rest of the your interior.  I'm generally not a fan of color contrasting upholstery piping, but it really works in you car.

Have a good week everybody!  Mum nature allowing & the creek don't rise, I'm back to house painting.

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