I am selling a Superflow Muffler that was sent new to me by Vintage Speed to take care of a leak problem on my existing Vintage system. I installed it and ran it for 10 mins on jackstands , but that did not fix the problem. Seems to be my j pipes and they have been good about working with me. I reinstalled my old system for now. Technically the Muffler would be considered used. I have the original packing that includes flanges for heat or no heat applications as well as unused short headers. They sell the muffler on eBay at the lowest price of $461 plus $90 shipping from Taiwan. (PN 155-204-052 SF) for Replica 356 up to 150 HP. I am selling for $300. Shipping would be approx $65 to the East Coast (N.C. As an example). You would need J pipes for no heater apps - $129 from VS on eBay plus a Gasket set - $26. The pics include the pipe location as seen using my existing system on my JPS Coupe. Thanks for looking



Brian in Murrieta


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The Sidewinder sounds deeper yet louder. With the Vintage Speed Muffler, it doesn’t breathe as good but it looks great and sounds more like a Porsche. My muffler is starting to get that bronze tint that looks cool too. I just received payment for the muffler, so it is sold. Thanks for the interest though.


Heritage 2008 posted:

How is the tone? I have a hideaway system and have been thinking about going back to the dual tip look. Looking/Interested. 


You could always have a dual tip extension built off the muffler. I'm pretty sure there's 1 or 2 guys here with dual tips off of a Sidewinder muffler. Can you post a pic of the exhaust?

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