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You should start a consulting service on how to properly list a vehicle for sale with various online services.  Very well listed (ie. text details, numerous photos from every angle and lighting level, long video w/ actual sound).  

Beautiful car as well.  I hope it stays in CA.


I'm always amazed at how little effort some people make when posting a car on eBay. Most of my cars are bought by people who never actually see the car in person. It takes a pretty big leap of faith to wire someone you don't know $20 or $30 thousand dollars for something they have only seen a few grainy pictures of.

It isn't hard to take good quality pictures these days, even with cell phones.  So I always suspect that the reason for not posting good pictures is because there is something they don't want you to see.

Hmmm?  I never thought about a consulting gig, but now that I am retired, maybe I'll look in to it.

I can now say I'm the proud owner of Troy's latest creation. On its way from Fresno to me in Berkeley right now ... Godspeed trucker!


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Congrats, Seth; I'm sure you'll be very happy with one of Troy's creations.

That shaped bumper grommet came in 2 lengths. And yes, those are early (to '67) grommets. '68- '73(?) grommets are longer (and slightly wider?) for the more substantial bracket and slightly bigger bumper, and '74 and on used the tubular telescoping brackets and (iIrc) used a triangular shaped grommet. Al

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