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1957 Porsche Speedster Super Widebody Replica
Built by Vintage Speedsters

Asking price $27900

Video of the car with sound:

Car has been featured on TV and made the front page of a big German Car Magazine

Replica Speedsters have appreciated in value for the past several years
Due to the sale and relocation of the largest manufacturer of Speedsters replicas, it has been extremely difficult to order a new Super Widebody Speedster. In fact, there has not been a single one built last year and it's questionable if any new ones will ever be built again.
This has created a high demand and increased prices for low mileage, Super Widebody Speedsters, because there are far fewer of them!

***This is a Vintage built Super Widebody Speedster***  It is the only Super Widebody currently listed on eBay or anywhere else that I am aware of. 

The widebody cars are either Classic Motor Carriages (CMC) or FiberFab flared Speedsters and they are not the same.  There is a significant difference between the flared fenders on a Vintage Speedster Super Widebody and all other flared Speedsters, look closely!!! Many buyers do not realize the difference until after they have bought a non Vintage Speedster.
Both Classic Motor Carriages (CMC) and FiberFab have been out of business for many many years and many people are confused by this. 

This Speedster comes with a beautiful Black exterior that looks to be a mile deep, but add the Black interior and Lecarra steering wheel and you have the iconic and timeless look that was envisioned for these cars some 60 years ago.

The amount of attention this car will get can actually be a little bit embarrassing when everyone is gathered around your car at the country club and the guy with the six figure Ferrari or Lambo is almost ignored. You will actually feel sorry for them, especially when you consider the cost of their cars compared to what you paid for this classic beauty. It's no BS, just ask any Speedster owner.

This classic Speedster replica comes with a beautiful Black paint job and Black interior and was factory built by Vintage Speedsters, so you know it was done right. This Speedster has only been driven 16,920 miles and has never been driven in the rain. The exterior, interior, top and side curtains are in excellent, like new condition. The custom super wide wheels are simply spectacular and the tires are in very good condition. This car also has an under the dash Kenwood Bluetooth radio, that sounds incredible!

The car has mesh headlight stone guards and engine grill badges that add the finishing touches

This car also comes with super cool, custom made, top down "CruZin Windows" that almost nobody else has

This beautiful Speedster is built on a 1966 VW pan and has current California registration good. It has a clean title and is registered as a 1966 VW, with no smog certification requirements. The engine is a big 1776cc with dual Weber DCNF carbs and a 4 speed manual 3:88 "Freeway Flyer" transmission. It starts every time with just a turn of the key, sounds great, pulls well and runs VERY strong.

When comparing this Speedster with Speedsters from other manufacturers, pay very close attention to the quality of the build. Check that the doors, hood and trunk all fit smoothly and are aligned properly, with no gaps.

The Speedster has:

LED Headlights and running lights

Black exterior

Black Allante interior (better than leather)
Black Stafast canvas top with matching side curtains
Black carpet in both the interior and trunk
Black quarter tonneau cover
Black full tonneau cover
Dual Aero style fender mounted rear view mirrors
Custom made "CruZin Windows" for top-down cruising

Luggage rack 

Lacarra steering wheel
Black Speedster mats
Reutter badge on right front fender
Three grill badges
Mesh headlight stone guards
Nerf bars front and rear
Kenwood Bluetooth radio
Billet interior door handles
1776cc Type 1 VW engine
4 speed manual 3:88 "Freeway Flyer" transmission
(perfect for cruising those country roads and powering through the twisties)
Dual Weber DCNF carburetors
Dual tip Trimil exhaust
Front disc brakes
Rear drum brakes
Custom wide wheels
MPH speedometer
Reverse lockout shifter
Adjustable front beam

This Speedster is simply a classic beauty, it turns heads and gets thumbs-up everywhere it goes and is a joy to drive. All you will need to do with this car is buy it, drive it and build a shelf for all the trophies you will win when you show it.

The car is at my home in Los Angeles - Hollywood, California.  

IMG_0513245DB03A-67C3-4196-AFAD-27CD507839ED69F64C93-C833-4000-BFE9-09F804772E8C69F64C93-C833-4000-BFE9-09F804772E8CIMG_0534IMG_0536IMG_0514IMG_0519IMG_0525IMG_0520IMG_0518IMG_0522I had the car checked out my my local car mechanic last week to assure that everything works great.

My name is Martin Riese, google me, I like Water ;-) I am a trustful person, it's from my private collection and I sell it because I need space for a new toy. I always loved the car and its has been taking care of very well. 


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Be careful my Fiberfab wide body speedster might get a insulted.. LOL. Good luck selling your super wide. It is a very nice car, but the fact is the flared fender speedsters are not everyone's taste and have a smaller market, so be patient the right buyer will come along.

I saw your ad on ebay. Troy would be proud of your description .... *errrr flattered, imitation being what it is.

Yes - I did. The 1st week it was on Hemmings and full asking price. But I've missed out on 3 Coupes by a few days... still looking in case you run into one.

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