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Unfortunately a 50% deposit was made literally right before the Covid situation hit in March.  I'm being told there are delays with the body, and some parts.  At this point I do not believe what I am hearing, and getting tired of chasing people for explanations who I feel if there are legitimate delays due to Covid should be contacting me to explain.  I was hoping some one could tell me the real story of if they are actually still in business today, and open at the same location listed on their site before I will need to take the next steps.   Thank you!

@PaulEllis @Cory McCloskey and @IMDoug all live in Arizona. Not sure how close to 7863 E McClain Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 they are. Maybe one of them could check it out for you.

@KonaWolf I'm guessing you don't live near the place so you can check it out?


@Troy Sloanposted in another thread he has spoken to an Arizona resident who said they've been by there twice in the past week and no one was there.

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I cannot speak about what VSAZ is doing, but I will make 2 comments here:  1) it makes me extremely nervous when I hear all these companies taking a 50% deposit.   Those are the type of companies that I see "robbing Peter to pay Paul" more often than not.  And I am NOT saying that is what they are doing by any means, just been around a long time and seen it too often.

2) Regarding parts supply, that is certainly an issue and is only getting worse.  TRW just announced that they are discontinuing VW steering boxes, and I refuse to use the China-crap ones, so when we heard this I had Brad spend the entire day hunting every box we could find.  $8k later I have a shelf full...  Brake kits are scarce right now.  Small items like pedals and mirrors are also scarce.  Wheels were an issue for a while but are back in stock now.  It's a constant challenge, so parts scarcity is certainly a possibility, especially if they don't have a big inventory of parts.

Regardless, good luck in your venture and hope you get a car soon.

New to the site and working on a 30 year old promise to my wife to build her a Speedster. Just doing research and came across this thread since VS is local to me.
Curiosity got the best of me and had to do a drive by today, although not the best weekend since most everyone is on holiday.  I hate to say it, it appears that they are not at the address on their web site, that faculty looks a little unkept, weeds growing and such. The name on the door is for a museum, and over the fence I could see the name of Rogue Films, apparently a window tint gig. No indication of Speedsters anywhere’s, but they may have everything put away.

Attached are images shot on May 30,2021. I don’t recognize the image on the enclosed trailer, maybe someone else can shed light on that.


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