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Hey guys.. flummoxed.  How do you/ would you know if your type 1 is equipped with hydraulic valves?  When adjusting (or attempting to) valves, get movement on pushrods like it’s spring loaded or quash feeling 1/4 inch thereabouts.  First adjustment go round with .006 increased valve noise.  Did vintage offer this as option or so equip their cars with hydro lifters?  Any external giveaway to know for sure if so equipped?  Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge/experience. Keith

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Wasn't Vintage using so-called "Mexi-Crate" engines for a while?  Those supposedly came from VW of Mexico and were, I believe, hydraulic valve engines.  

Be that as it may, my only experience with adjusting hydraulic valves is on GM 350 V8 engines, and I adjusted them while it was running because I'm very old school.

If you think you have hydraulic valves on your VW engine (a distinct possibility, especially in California) then this is probably the best I could find on how they work (always important to know) and, more importantly, how the hell do you adjust them?

It's way easier than you think and VERY forgiving if done even remotely right.

Here you go:


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The later Wasserboxer Vanagon motors had hydraulic lifters. I'm pretty sure that they can be retro-fitted to type1 motors, as a LOT of similarities exist between the two.

Bubba, do you have the build sheet or any info or is this a used car/motor?

I believe the Vanagon Bentley manual has the procedure to set the valve clearance.

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