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It looks like Greg has EXPANDED !  David Amaya, the upholstery shop owner in the north part of the building has moved out and Greg has moved in and cut a big doorway thru.  Today it looked as if there were 40+ cars on the premises. All in stages from beginning to final completion.  Lots of pretty stuff to look at....Enjoy


PS....Look at the difference in the intake port size between the VW-T4  vs the Subaru EJ25


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  • IMG_2010
  • IMG_2014
  • IMG_2018
  • IMG_2019
  • IMG_2031: wire loom fixture
  • IMG_2027: T4 vs EJ25.   size comparison
  • IMG_2029: T4 vs EJ25 intake port comparison
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Greg has a gold mine and based on his quality and service deserves it.  I would bet that he currently is producing at least the number of cars that Kirk Duncan was producing and possibly even more.  It was totally predictable the day he moved into the then-vacant Hawaiian Gardens location.   He got Kirk's Vintage Speedsters business and workforce without having to buy it. Smart businessman for sure.



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