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My friend has a semi assembled trike project that must be sold. The Trike was bought new and then was disassembled ( why I don't know) it comes complete with all parts including a disassembled 1600 cc dual port VW engine and an automatic trans, from a VW Dasher. The trike has it's own new custom built  trailer. The price is $2625.00 The trike cost $7500.00 sans engine 5 or 6 years ago. The trike has a bill of sale from the builder. The trailer comes with a title.  This is a great deal for someone who knows and wants one of these. Jim 812-972-4516


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  • VW Trike b5
  • VW Trike b6
  • VW Trike b1
  • VW Trike b3
  • VW Trike a7
  • VW Trike a9
  • VW Trike a6
  • VW Trike b1
  • VW Trike 1
  • Vw trike engine 1
  • VW Trike engine 3
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