I need CMC  FF 2 piece top metal bows fora new CMC top I have. THe CMC FF bows  are slightly different in the radius's from the VS bow set I do have.

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I have the CMC top bows but have a VS Haartz soft top.  Understand I would be better off using VS top with VS bows.  (I'm using a VS header - CMC one was sold off with the original CMC top).  Willing to do a trade.  Haven't decided on Carlisle yet - last year I flew since it is a 16+ hr drive.

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Yes the VS top must use VS bows as the L & R radius is different and it's nearly impossible to re-bend them ( I do know this all too well ) So if I buy the CMC bows from you , that would be funds toward your needed VS bows now available from Greg at VMC  . Regretfully,  the VS bow set I have I cut 2" off of the taller center bow at the bottom, I didn't use it after all and have a metal sleeves to slide over it  to bring it back to the original length.

I feel like Gordon or someone else have instructions for installing a VS top on a CMC.

Gordon - Am I dreaming? 

I`m thinking of replacing my top but I don`t know if its a CMC or VS metal top bow? Is there a way to check to see which one I have? Mine look like they are stainless steel.

CMC or FF were black painted steel tubing...  you have stainless so that's Vintage speedsters or JPS Motor Sports or if very thin stainless wall tub then it's Vintage Motor Cars or Vintage( Justin)  in AZ



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