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After years of drooling over these cars I finally bought one! It's a 2001 Aquamarine/Black Vintage. It's being shipped from Michigan and should be here next week. In the meantime, I would like to find out as much as I can about it's life before me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Texarkana, Texas

Oscar the Grouch

1957 Vintage Speedsters(Speedster)

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Hi Scott,

Someone may recognize the car, but, the last I heard, Vintage had built over 2500 Speedsters. You likely signed docs when you bought, so any info you can provide will help others who may know a previous owner, or know the car. Was the car registered in Michigan? Someone on this site will likely know the previous owner. The replica world is small, when compared to other cars.

You've got lots of good times ahead, whether you're not mechanically inclined or an experienced wrencher. Lots of good-hearted folks on this site who will help you along. Best of luck. Enjoy.
Good luck with your new ride... I see you're from Texarkana, I spent one lovely night there a few years ago. Visited the not so famous KOA RV park located just west of State line Ave and just north of the I-30. Also I visited the only US Post office in the USA that's situated one half in Texas and the other half in Arkansas. Amazing place, you walk in the Post office and one half of the patrons are wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats and the other half all need dental work and can't spell "patrons."

anyway, good luck with your new car
Thanks guys! I bought the car from a consignor in Troy, MI and I'm waiting to receive the title. The car will be picked up later this week and should arrive sometime next week. Here's the bad news...I leave on a 7 day trip next Wednesday and may not be here when it arrives. I just need to make sure I pick the right person to take delivery of it for me or I may never get the car!

I can tell you that this site and the people on it are GREAT! I used this site to research these cars. I have also been contacted by another member that is just a short drive away in Hot Springs, AR. I'm already planning a road trip when I return from Aspen!

Yeah, Texarkana is known for being a city in two states (Texas & Arkansas). We have churches on one side of the avenue and liquor stores on the other side...interesting place.
Scott---you ask "should I be concerned"?

You're damned right you should---can't you tell already??

--Looking forward to meeting you!

I only name my children and our pets---maybe one or two private parts --if you get my drift--but not a car, although many do. Werefer to the car as "the little car" of "The Speedster---that's it. Before I got my AR antique license plate the first plate was a vanity plate that said "Speedie" but that was a bit too cute for me.

BUT--name away if that's your style because around these parts--it's all good.
Lane--right on! David Stroud and Francine are spending a couple of nights with us at my home in Hot Springs before the Carlisle trip. They are coming here from New Orleans. (Do those guys get around or what??) Day I we caravan to Knoxville to hook up with Hoss and I hope Nolan again so plan on coming up here the day before we roll and well get an early start on the first morning and have 3 Speedsters on I 40 to KX.
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