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My dad and I are looming for a used Beck or Intermeccanica 356 Speedster with the Subaru water cooled engine. We are mostly interested in these two manufacturers because of the extra space they offer for taller folks. We are prefer the classic Cream color or Silver. We live in the South, so AC is on our wish list.  Please send me a message if you are interested in selling. 



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Ben - You’re asking for a very specific combination that is probably going to be hard to find.  Subaru-powered cars are relatively new and still in the minority.  Adding a specific color and the (understandable) requirement for A/C and you’ve reduced your odds further.  Have you considered having a new one built or buying used and getting your required updates done?

I grew up in Memphis and lived there off and on until 1999.  We lived in Collierville from ‘93-‘99.

A good friend of many of us here is John Hallstrand, who moved to Memphis within the last year to be near his daughter.  John had the first Subaru-powered 356 (an SAS cabriolet) sold to the public.  I believe he got it back in 2004 and only sold it a few years ago.

Thank you for the additional posts. I believe at this time we are committed to buying a Beck. We are heading up there in the next few weeks and will either get on the list for a new build, or stay in the que for a used model and then have them customize it to our specifications. Love the pictures of the Convertible D and Cabriolet!


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