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Hey all,

I am a British car guy and new to the replica world altogether.  I have fallen in love with the Coupes and would love to try luck in owning one.

Wish/dream list: a newer build, sorted, higher performance engine (Subi), speedster seats, color ( sliver, while, black, gray), stock finish, banjo steering wheel, and AC.

I live in Portland OR and be great to look at one close if all possible.

Thanks so much!


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As I recall, the owner’s house burned to the ground in one of the fires in California, up northward, about a year ago.  He lost just about everything, but the Continental was one of the few things he was able to save (fast evacuation car?).  He decided to sell it, and Greg coordinated/curated it’s sale on BAT, proving once again Greg is a solid dude.  

The high bidder got to about $52k, nobody challenged him to go higher, but his high bid did not meet reserve.  Greg commented that his bid was close, the high bidder got in touch with Greg directly and I believe he bought the car from Greg, likely for the reserve (mid to upper 50s I’m guessing, and if he avoided the BAT fee, end result was probably about what it would have cost him at his bid of $52k).  He got one hell of a beautiful car for that price, especially by today’s crazy standards.

If you do Instagram, find Greg as vintagemotorcarsca. You can find the photos of the Continental being loaded heading to its new owner on Jan 29.


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