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That's right, ** I want this part for my VS Speedster:  Stainless Steel or Chrome Headlight Stone Guard Set.                                                Specifically, I'd like the Set with 9 vertical bars and 1 horizontal bar across the middle. I see the EMPI 18-1112 model, BUT I'm not  sure it will fit my VS headlights. Does anybody out there have this style Stone Guards? Can anyone offer anything as to the EMPI's...whether they fit and/or can really be installed on my VS Speedie? 

Ich danke Ihnen im Voraus fur Ihre Hilfe **                                                                                                                                                                ** I thank you in advance for your help


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Du kannst es nicht haben, mein Freund. 

Or at least I don't have any info on if they'd fit, and they are the best looking, too.

Fragen sie Herrn Greg?

I ended up finding what I want, but the model Stone Guard is made and distributed out of England by Aircooled Accessories (ACC). Their 2 US distributors are currently sold out of the "356 Porsche style Triple Chromed Headlight Grills," but I'm hopeful a shipment is coming next week from across the pond. I like this model of Guard because it goes OVER the existing glass headlight cover and uses the existing mounting bolt. It's one    of those situations when you pray "Please, Lord, grant me patience....but I want it NOW!"

I have the ACC stainless steel stone guards on my 2002 VS. easy installation, look great IMHO and they have held up well for the last 5 years. 

Assuming they are making the same way and of the same metal as when mine were made, I think you will be pleased.

I'd don't speak much German, so Schnitzel is about all I've got.

Thanks for the info. Now, I'm really anxious to get these grills on my Speedy. Don't worry, if you only remember "Schnitzel und Bier"....well, you certainly won't starve when in Germany. 

I have the grilles that require removal of the glass. I bought them before I was aware of the ones shown above.  At some point, I want to try vacuum forming a sheet of plastic to go behind them.

That was the reason I spent several hours on the computer and phone trying to find this particular grill. I didn't like the idea of driving without the glass protecting the light. The rep. at Stoddards told me it was originally meant for use on road-race cars. It seemed terribly counter-intuitive to me: Small stones can still get through the grill and break the lens. 

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