Hi everyone, as the title of the ad says, I'm looking for my early 80's build Intermeccanica Speedster, a convertible roof frame. My roof frame is tired and rusty..pretty much how it is when I purchased the car. Rather than restore mine, I am hoping to find one in better condition rather than fixing it up. I would appreciate any leads etc.

Further to this, has anyone used a Speedster roof frame from another Speedster manufacturer and used it on their old IM?


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It almost looks like the bows are made from small diameter electrical conduit - or just metal tubing which should be available locally. The old bows could be used as a template to bend new ones (using an electrical conduit bender).  If water got inside the tubes and they rusted from the inside out, they probably can't be easily rewelded (you can't weld rust).  If it is just the ends perhaps they could be fixed/improved using heim joints. 

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I've not seen the bows listed on vintagespeedsterparts.com - plus since oversize shipping would be costly.


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Many use the VS fabric top to replace their old vinyl CMC tops - to even include the "plastic" header bow.  (The CMC header was fiberglass layered and delaminates/warps - the VS is some kind of black butyl).  Only issue is sometimes the bows have to be cut (just inch/fractions) to accommodate differences in length of the fabric.  At least it's just mailing from Hawaii to Australia!

@AL  Yes there is a difference / the CMC and vintage speedster roof frame and are not interchangeable due too slight differences in the corner radius above the rear window  So,   CMC bows to CMC top  OR  VS bows to VS top.   Also the black composite VS header bows have had warping issues , perhaps new owner Justin will address this .  I have a bad one that Kirk was going to exchange but now I'll have to talk with Justin about doing that.

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I'll look in the garage tonight after work and see if I kept my old IM/CMC vinyl top with frame and bow. The frame is good, the vinyl top is ok but the bow is broken in half and was kludged together. let ya know soon if I can find it.


If you have shipper cut the 2 metal top bow in half that should avoid a costly oversize shipping fee (usually 108" length + girth).  You can insert a metal rod and reweld halves back together.

Raul in Mexico used to sell a vastly improved folding convertible top frame (Believe it had fabric too) on ebay for $500.  You might be able to source one from him too. It will be heavier for sure and suspect cost has gone up.

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