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 I scrapped three of the CMC FF skull cracking show bars because I couldn't give them away

I realize they are not that popular, but you never really need one until two wheels leave the pavement.

If I were to use a CMC bar I would fill it with sand to keep it from crushing on impact.

But I would rather not go that route. Prefer a real one, LOL

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I be curious: Why are you concerned (worried?) as to what happens when "two wheels leave the pavement"? Personally, I'd be happier than hell that I've still got two wheels "on the pavement."  At my age, I vividly recall early road races (OK, ...very early) at Santa Barbara airport, Bakersfield, and Palm Springs, when the Speedster pretty much ruled SCCA's F-Class with MG's their only real competition. What I don't remember is any Speedster turning turtle.  Those two wheels might have left earth on occasion, but all four...uh-uh. Hitting something - like a hay bale - or someone, was pretty common and an "ejection" every once in awhile proved fatal (seat belts weren't worth a shi# and often weren't worn)...but flipping your ride was just not a big concern. I'm thinking it wasn't until the late 60's that the roll bar became "de rigueur" when racing in SCCA competition....and that was probably most attributed to "Ambulance Followers" camping out at the tracks waiting like vultures for an easy meal.  Anyway, I digress from my original question:  Unless you hope to sneak your replica into a sanctioned race (forget it 'cause that'll never happen) that requires one, WHY do you think you really need a roll bar in your speedster? If the answer is "I think it looks cool," then for sure go for it!  Otherwise, I suggest you spend the $$ on other Speedy goodies. Gawd knows there many such accoutrements out there to put a real dent in any SOC knucklehead's wallet. 

FYI, a single non-triangulated hoop won't cut it.

The SCCA allows autocross in an open car without a rollbar. They require a helmet only.

DE events with the SCCA or PCA require 5 or 6 point harness in an open car. Also the rollbar must be triangulated, and at least 2 inches clearance to the top of the helmet. They also require arm restraints for an open car. They also have the "broomstick" rule where they place a broomstick on the windshield and rollbar and the stick must clear the helmet. It matters not that the Speester windshield is not structural in any way.

Most times they both require long sleeves and pants, but that gets suspended on really hot days.

Make sure you empty EVERYTHING out of your car and frunk, nothing loose is allowed.

This one passed the inspectors at Irwindale Raceway (NHRA) in SoCal. A Nomex jumpsuit with gloves, Hand Restraints or Side nets, Helmet (up to date), and 5 point seat belts.  I made a wood mock-up first out of 1.5" stock. When everything fit precisely , I took it to a shop that can bend 1.750" DOM tube. He bent it and then I final fit it and welded it in place. It's removable as well..............Bruce


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@aircooled posted:

Where is Lakeport Ca. ?.I have a guy down here in LA that will build you one. If you schedule it, he can do it while you wait. He built mine from a wooden model I gave him................Bruce

Lakeport, CA is in Lake County which is about 125 NW of Sacramento. It's near Clear Lake.

I had never heard of Lakeport until last week when I was asked to go pick up a car in Lake County. In my research i saw that LC is where Clear Lake and Lakeport were at. Funny the I never knew that and now twice in a week's time I've seen Lakeport mentioned.

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@barncobob posted:

not much going on in Lakeport,lot of dumpy houses, i have to through it on my way to Ft. Bragg/Mendocino area.

Plenty going on in Lakeport.

I have California's largest lake in my back yard, and a sailboat.

Lots of dumpy houses? Not really.

Lakeport has some of the nicest houses in the county.

Lake county is a best kept secret in Northern California, affordable property taxes that are half the cost of Napa or Sonoma or Mendocino. Very little crime and only one COVID-19 death in the whole county, due to our remoteness, and zero interstate highways. It's where you want to be in a zombie apocalypse.


@barncobob posted:

sorry, i confused it with clearlake,ca....never been to Lakeland..

Lakeland is in Florida, Lakeport is in California ..

Clearlake is the opposite end of the lake from Lakeport.

Not as affluent as Lakeport, dusty unpaved roads and trailers, work is being done to improve the town, but it is the poorest part of the county.

Actually the wealthiest part of the county isn't Lakeport, it's Buckingham, an exclusive  peninsula where the Doobie Brothers once had a recording studio.

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