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CMC speedster runs the full spectrum from shade tree mechanic builds to show quality bills depending upon who did the work you can still find CMC that need work something that you can do yourself if you have any mechanical abilities and turn out a higher end finished product,There’s a Lotta good information here on the SOC doing one yourself can save you probably more than half the cost of a new speedster again if you have a mechanical ability to do so

I am certainly biased as the owner of two different CMCs over the years, but the quality of the CMC body fiberglass is usually very good with a small number of minor issues, easily fixed.  

After that and as Alan mentioned, the quality of the finished car can vary widely depending on how good the shade tree builder was and how much they wanted to spend.  I have personally seen more than a few CMC cars that are truly show-car quality with lots of custom touches.  I have also seen a few that looked like someone needed to care a little more about the finished product.

All you can do is check out the car in person and then decide what needs to be done to it to get it to where you want it to be and how much that’ll cost to get there, the same as any other builder and their cars, like VS, Beck, IM or JPS.

Original FF/CMC molds/jigs came directly from IM (early) in Calif around 1987/8 so only real difference was IMs were built in controlled shop while CMCs were sold mainly as DIY.  They even (reportedly) shared the cast hibachi grill.  CMC did add the flared California model.  CMC differ in that the bodies were colored gel coated (so didn't require costly prep for painting).  The interior was DIY foam/vinyl too.  The tops and tonneau was also vinyl. So adding quality paint easily $2-3k, nice interior $2-3k, and top another $1k. 

I have the impression that CMC speedsters are low on the totem pole speedster wise, Is my impression a good one? If so what problems do they tend to have?

My CMC was completed Between 1987 and 1996 with complete repaint, and I would say it would be in the higher end of builds. Come and drive it and see. It has a 1966 Porsche 912 engine which, according to PCA,  is a leftover factory 1965 356SC engine. However, I would be sleeping outside if I ever sold it as it was an anniversary present for my wife!😊



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