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I have a vw Meyers towd on what remained for the towd of a vw chassis


if you know anything about them then you know how rare it is. Meyers made them to race across the sand and used to win with them. 

meyers made less then 1100 and I have a shining example. Orange gel coat is nice. Wheels are recently powder coated.  Has a 1300cc engine in it.  This car has been plated and is street legal. Has the tow bar too, which is Apprently really rare

I have an appraisal for it at 11000$ cdn due to the rarity of it. 

I want to trade for your 356 rep roller. I don’t need a motor in it. Literally a pan and body and the little bits would be nice. 

I have a turbo 2332 I wanna put in it so no motor is fine. Just want to get out of the beetle world and into the Porsche rep one. 

I can be reached by cell at 780 217 645three


i can deliver into Montana and would be motivated to drive further for the right car. 

dog not included


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