West Coast Cruise SLO pics

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What was their preference 

Red or White



It wouldnโ€™t matter. In an unfortunate turn of events the rare and still sober Winasaurus was unable to get the glass up to his mouth due to his short arms. 

Some scientists believe that the asteroid didnโ€™t kill them after all.  Instead they committed dinosauricide due to frustration with their enforced sobriety.  Such a tragedy.  ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Jealousy has raised it's ugly head........

The missing piece for me in Speedster ownership here in the Florida panhandle is the absence of other owners to do what you guys on the left coast are able to do in terms of gatherings. There just aren't the owners and I hate to say this, enough dependable good weather days that don't turn you into beef jerky or drown you, that make getting together easy.

Even living in Stanistan in Illinois, we could get some folks together for a couple of days of spirited driving, good food and tall tales.

You California guys are really spoiled.

Good for you.

This may be the one thing that pushes me to sell my Speedster..........

Loneliness, separation from the herd..., and a really good mechanic within 100 miles.

Yeah Terry, I was raised in the OC and used to go north quite a bit. I'm old enough to remember going to the Goleta airport to the SCCA races and seeing the Porsche hillclimb cars blow everybody off the track.

My wife and I have moved 14 times, all over the country and really like it here. The absence of fellow Speedster owners and the fun that getting together brings is unfortunate. It truly makes me consider sticking with the forum but getting rid of the car. 


Don't do it Bob... It's just a case of California envy with those great pics.   We just need to plan a North FL event and post more pics.  We can try and talk @MusbJim into joining us and creating one of his awesome videos. They will be moving to FL before you know it.  We can have a nice house and huge garage with multiple lifts for $500K... And less traffic.  I can be to both coasts in and hour from my house.

Great photos everyone... Looks like great time! 

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And one more extracurricular video from my detour through Prefumo Canyon after chasing @Terry Nuckels down Old Creek Rd โ€” as if that didn't get my heart racing enough!


What happened there Ryan????

@Robert M, I ditched Terry in Morro Bay to meet up with a 911 legend. In short, blind turn + suby in the middle of lane = new battle damage. His right wheels were glued to the curb. He threaded a needle there. Skinny Porsche saved her life. Everyone was ok and after our hearts settled a bit, we continued to tear up the canyon. And I still made it to dinner on time.

Everyone stopped. Although she stopped on a blind corner and reversing up a mountain road was clearly not her forte. I ran toward her, screaming to stop before she reversed down the cliff.

Everyone was clear about the what happened. Everyone was ok. Thankfully a decent wash will fix nearly all the damage on both vehicles. The margin of error was measured in millimeters, but it all worked out.

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