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We are moving next year, so now am cleaning out the garage.
The P&C set came off a 2002 Im with 6k miles at that time. 1776 engine built by CB Performance. (I was not getting decent compression. If I had to pull the engine to change the rings, I decided to put in a larger P&C set. )
You can see the engine was running pretty poorly, but I do not see any scoring in the cylinder walls. Not sure how to tell the PC size. Stamped in the casting is 230 or 2.30 - I think.
Also a Bosch #9 distributor. I went with an electronic ignition.

My questions are how much are these worth (a good price for the buyer) and how can I tell the piston size?

Thanks guys!


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Carlo, clean the top of the cleanest piston off with Brakleen. The finished size should be stamped on top. It will be a tiny bit less than the bore size.

Example: 94mm barrels have pistons marked 93.970 or something to that effect.

Stock 1600(1588) barrels are 85.5. If it's a 1776 then they're 90.5mm. That's assuming stock 69mm stroke.

Measure the barrel inside with a cheap caliper to check.

@MotoCarlo posted:

Brakleen cleaned it right off.
Top of the pistons = 90.45 (it also says, " SPO .07  OEB")

Right, so .05mm is less than .002" which seems about right for clearance.

FYI, you can machine 94mm barrels down to the 90.5 size of the case, and just buy new heads to fit 94mm barrels. Increase engine size without splitting or machining the case!

90.5mm cylinders tend to stay round, especially after only 6K miles, so they should be worth something.


@MotoCarlo is your distro a German, Brazilian or Chinese 009?

A good German distributor with no play in the shaft is worth $100-$150.* A Brazilian one about $50. The Chinese knockoffs aren’t really worth anything as a brand new one is ~$75. Knockoffs won’t have any label on the bottom.

* As with anything used, it’s “worth” what you can find someone will pay for it.


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