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Someone tell me what I just bought…

Who built it?

Apparently it spent some time in Japan, was brought to Houston and has been sitting about 7 years. It’s sitting on a 66 Beetle pan according to the Japaneese documents. Any idea who the builder was? What pics would you need to tell and are there hidden data plates anywhere typically?

I’m stoked to get this car back on the road. I’ve been a huge fan for years.2695F1F4-523C-4B9C-943B-7C8D1F74D6676250BBDD-A451-4E30-BEF5-3FC111C3FAD9


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VS has some unique features to look for:

For awhile it was a curly cue red wire off top of alternator.

Also the faux torsion bar cap -

And the chrome strip across the dash and the ~9" round air hole with hardwire cloth covering behind engine intake fan.

I think it is a VS - but maybe a roller finished in Japan since the dash covering doesn't end with VS signature, the interior is a nice custom one with the different color piping,  and the engine compartment isn't properly sealed to prevent exhaust gases from being reused.

Doesn't appear to have a hood handle badge - VS made one but most went with Porsche crest.

Unfortunately many vendors don't use ID plates - IM did - placed in passenger door frame, CMC/FF had a gold plate supplied but it was builder decision to apply or chuck it, SE Beck too has a plate (but they are not built on a VW pan).


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The grill is definitely not cast, so it's not a slam dunk on what it is.  The engine compartment and body still look like a Fiberfab or CMC, but the interior and engine grill could be almost anything.  Look closely on the engine lid hinges for a molded on "INTERMECCANICA".  They did the very first cars as pan-based kits before selling the tooling to Fiberfab and taking their own product upmarket.

Thanks for the replies. Keep them coming.

She will run on starter fluid but chokes on gas. The drums are grabbing. This is my parts list. All input is welcome.

New EMPI dual carbs

Electronic Ignition

New coil, Plugs, Wires

Elec Fuel Pump/block off plate

4 wheel Disc conversion

Any other must haves while I’m doing this?

I’m looking at JBugs for parts.

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