Instead of further polluting the Emory thread, I decided to post this here. JMM(Michael) posted up a kit to change the Beetle beam to a rack, but at 850 euros plus shipping I thought it steep. It appears they've converted a LHD rack into a one-sided rack with a dummy cap on the left.

Does anybody know what this fits? I've done a bit of looking, but haven't quite seen this one. I'm assuming it is from a European vehicle.24102_3

2016 Vintage Spyder Jake Raby 2165 type1


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I'm interested in this too. Here's what I found.

Well after reading and searching high and low, I feel the old Polo rack and pinion units are the way to go for a Type 1 pan under a fiberglass buggy.
Now where does one find one.

Manufacturer VOLKSWAGEN
Number 867 419 065
Description Steering Gear
Cross numbers VOLKSWAGEN 867419065
LIZARTE 02965700
AUDI 861419063B
AUDI 867419065
AUDI 871019065

There's a guy on the Cal Look Lounge that (I think) sells everything but the Polo rack to go on a type 1 beam. This computer isn't fully functional right now (we've replaced the external hard drive and won't have the data transfer until tomorrow) so I don't have the link handy but when I have the info I'll post it. Al

PS- Great cross reference list, @Jim Gilbert - Madison, Mississippi

This looks like unobtainium in the US. If we were in the UK they are about $130.

Looking at the photo Danny provided; I don't think I like the connection to the tie rod ends. Looks flimsy. Your life is at steak here. A photo doesn't tell the whole story. This would be a pretty easy fab up. There must be some other rack that would work. It's short, maybe about 12" of barrel length.

I'll look on.

Here's the link to the discussion on the Samba.  Alex is the guy selling everything but the rack, which is obtainable on eBay for $268 in the US.

Jim's link above goes right to the rack on eBay.

Nice winter project and with his mounting frame it is all a bolt-in using stock tie rods.


Taking off the steering box to bodge on a rack & pinion that gets half used/half blocked and connected to the existing tie rods that are made to work with the stock pittman arm . . . 

Yes. Excellent engineering solution that will certainly afford one many miles of highly improved handling (and bragging rights). No doubt about it.

Ed, seriously? You're relying on some things that are backyard-engineered and unproven on your Spyder. 

I don't do anything on my car for bragging rights. I do things that make it better/faster/more reliable/tougher etc.

This kit works. The rack is AS IS used on the VW Polo in europe. Nothing blocked or changed. The factory Polo suspension is trail steer, and uses that same piece to attach the inner tie-rod ends to the end of the rack. The only load on that piece is a push/pull from the spindles.

Reasons for doing this: More precise, especially off-center. I'll bet the whole arrangement is really tight on-center as well, always the achilles heel of the steering box. Much better bump steer, both tierods are the same length so at least the bump steer is the same on both sides. It does not use factory tierods. It also can still incorporate the steering damper(also used on the Polo with the rack).

Jim, thanks. That piece that holds the tierods on the rack? Alex makes one from billet steel, he emailed meearlier today. I found all that stuff on the Samba this morning. About 500 bucks or so shipped includes everything except outer tierods and altering your column for a new connection.

With a welded-in beam in a Spyder, there isn't a whole lot you can do to improve the suspension other than shocks and a swaybar, and this rack.

Wait until you see what I build this winter for the rear suspension.....

The eBay link is from that a country?

I say, I say , It's a joke , son!

Danny, I'm about built out on the Speedster. There are a few things I still want to do. It's amazing how Mickey Mouse some of the build quality is on what is supposed to be a factory built car.

Looking forward to your rack & pinion installation and review. Don't know if I want it $500 bad. If the double u-joint connector included in the price?

Michael McKelvey posted:

Danny, I've been assuming you would be going first.

Curtis, did you install it yourself?  Are there any issues fitting it to a Speedster?


i installed it myself. I did think of one issue. The clamps are no longer available to hold the rack to the adapter. Luckily my brother owns a machine shop so he whipped some up for me. He can make some for you at a reasonable price and they will fit perfect. Let me know if you want them. 

Michael McKelvey posted:

Danny, I've been assuming you would be going first.

Curtis, did you install it yourself?  Are there any issues fitting it to a Speedster?

You know what happens when you assume? LOL

I'm curious if there are any interference issues with the gas tank, @curtissb?

The straps don't look too hard to make at all with some steel and a hammer!

@curtissb you said "I used a single u-joint. I had a shop weld in a splined adapter because you have to shorten the steering shaft. I’ll try to take some pictures this weekend and find the part numbers for the joint and spline. "

Whenever it is convenient for you I would still appreciate it if you could do this.

I am probably going to order the kit from Alex even though my wife has made recent comments about the need to control spending.

Michael McKelvey posted:

I am probably going to order the kit from Alex even though my wife has made recent comments about the need to control spending.

Of course you are going to order it.

As for the other part, do like the rest of us and just keep the money spigot running full-blast - like you're trying to stop an alien invasion, researching something the cure for cancer, or something similar. Car parts are important for global trade, and you want to do your part.

You should remodel the kitchen while you're at it. The economy is in danger of slowing down without your personal stimulus package. It probably needs it. The rest of us are counting on you.

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