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Michael McKelvey posted:

Here is a picture of my kit still in Finland: 


I bought a late Super Beetle shaft with a u-joint on each end.  It is about 16" long by and it matches the splines on the rack.  I will cut the u-joint on one end off and cut it to the length I need.


I guess you will get it when they are Finnish with it



I have had it for a while but have been working on other things.  I sent the pieces out to be powder coated. 

After powder coating, I had a lot of trouble reattaching the piece that holds the tie rods on the rack.  It was like it shrunk.  I had cleaned all holes of powder coat material. I had to use a pretty big hammer to tap it onto the rack shaft.  I hope I didn't damage anything inside the rack.

The kit doesn't have any provision for using the steering damper.  Alex thinks it isn't needed even though some pictures show it being used in several different configurations.  If I really want to use it I would have to drill a hole.

I will probably start on it in the next few days.

I haven't gone beyond the mailbox for about 2 1/2 weeks and now my wife gets the mail.  When I needed some lock nuts I ordered them from Amazon instead of going to the hardware store.  I am hoping I don't need to get hardware to install the rack.



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