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Keep in mind that the current incarnation of IM is a very nice car. The production of IM is very low, hence the extended wait for a new one. Finding one built in the last few years is very-very difficult, the owners had to wait at least 6 months to get their car, so they are not usually the type to part with it. You can usually find older IMs on ebay, but this is not the same car, visually and mechanically. Your best bet is to find a car you like, in the condition you want, at the price you can pay, no matter who the maker was. Drive and inspect the car yourself.

If this is going to be your pride and joy, the toy that you love to show off and base your manhood on, you fit in about the 5% category of owners. Spend money to your hearts content. Buy the best, put a bed in your garage and license plates on the mini van that say "I'de rather be driving my speedster". Take every trophy at every show. I will certainly be there to oooh and awe over the car, so will all the rest of the owners.

If this is going to be a weekend hobby, a car to tinker on and drive without worry of getting a rock nick. You fit into the 95% category of owners. Nobody is perfect and neither are their cars. Enjoy whatever car you find in your hobby price range. Drive it and don't just stare at it in the garage. Take your extra money and perhaps buy a Spyder kit to build as well.

No matter what you buy or who you buy it from, you will always be welcome here and at our events.

Dave, If you still have your heart set on an IM product there are usually a few for sale at any given time in Canada. If you are from the U.S. I am not sure how bringing one over from Canada works. But someone on this site has probably done it. Check the Intermeccanica Enthusiast site they have a classified section along with EBay (as suggested) for your best selection of IMs. I am an owner of a IM speedster but think Vintage, and JPS also make good products. You will probably find a better "used" selection of used them in the U.S. Tim.
I agree with the last post. Give Henry at Intermeccanica a call. He usually has a car or two for sale. I bought my 84 IM from him two years ago. A lot of IM owners in the lower mainland (around Vancouver) let Henry sell their car for them. My 84 had 14,000 original miles on it and was in excellent condition. I bought it for $16,000 Canadian (it only had a stock 1600 cc motor). At the same time Henry also had a beautiful, one or two year old IM that had many, many options. The guy payed $50,000 Canadian for it and wanted $40,000.
Be careful about what your expectations may be.... old IM Speedsters are great cars, and there are many on this forum who are proud owners. But, but,until about 18-24 months ago IM hadn't produced a Speedster for a few years. The difference? The old ones are VW platforms.... not a bad thing, as thats what I have on my 17 month old VS. But, the IM legend (well, the current great reputation for handling) is based on their unique tubular chassis, et al (read about it on their site) that they have used on the Vert Ds for a few years and now on the "new gen" IM Speedster. Also, the "old gen" IMs use side curtains, again not a bad thing as that's what comes on a VS JPS CMCm like my nearly new VS. But the new IM Speedsters have optional roll ups. That, combined with excellent production quality, great materials, and Henry's customer relations makes for the higher price for new IMs.

My point? Armed with this info I would say in a used Speedster Replica, buying a VS, JPS, IM, CMC, are all equal considerations based on your budget and needs (desires). That is, unless you are seeking a used "new era" IM Speedster. These are beautiful cars, but my money says that you won't see one on the market except on Harvest Moons for another 1-3 years if you are very lucky. And even if you find a used "new gen" one, I'll betcha it won't go for less than 30G, maybe more, probably low 30s after a year! They cost a bit more... I have the current price list, and man... it's expensively tempting, but right now it isn't in my toy war funds. I would guess though that the average buyer of an IM Speedster is putting 33-37+ Gs in their car after all is said and done. Most go to Japan, and there only are two or three on this forum.... I love these cars.... If that is your expectation for a used Replica, then you might consider re-evaluating, or plan on ordering a new one from Henry. Now, here I type all this and sure enough next week there will be a year old IM Speedster on E-Bay.... but I really doubt it. There is, however a beautiful appearing Red IM Speedster of the old gen on E-Bay now. It might be worth scoping out, and could be a bargain. They are good quaility cars, as are many other used Speedsters.

Just my two Piaster's worth, hope this helps as you check out the used market.


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