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the best one is the one that finds its way in your garage. or, try this, the best is the one you get with the most goodies for the least price. buy a good used one that has all the nice bits and has been sorted out and you will be real happy.

there is no clear best in my opinion. it comes down to the owner and what they do to finish it off.

Define "best". I agree with Mike, the best one is the one that ends up yours. This is really a question that has no answer, and can be answered (or rationalized) by anyone in any number of ways.

Best for me is the Beck. It has everything I was looking for at the price I wanted to pay.
i understand... as i keep on researching i'm finding for me that vintage might be my best option. looks like a better frame that can be changed to fit me (6'2" tal) and rear suspension setup (like to rally). it looks like fit and finish is pretty much comparable on all. maybe the question should be what one did everyone buy and reason why... convience? fit and finish? only one i can find? stuff like that.

One might consider that the best purchase is one that takes into consideration the time frame to get a car, (or a body package if you are inclined to build a car up.)

I have noticed posts where people are waiting many, many months to receive cars. This seems absurdly long.

I have it on good authority that there are some Beck cars available, in "body package" form for immediate purchase. I think these are some of Chuck's old stock, from before the sale of his company.

Heard this at the track in Atlanta this past week. I can put anyone interested in touch, as he and I are old friends. Don't think there are but a couple though.

you know.... i've had a chance to look about... read just about all and anything. and like most things all are passionate about... it comes down to personal dealings and preferences. i have to keep reminding myself this isn't a honda s2000. it's a hand made practically a one of a kind car.

i think which is best is just finding one and season to taste.

all the best,


I have to agree. The "best" is the one that you are happy with. For example, most people out there are owners of Beck, ThunderRanch, or Vintage. I bought a Perry. Some people don't like a Perry, but Perry only designed the body. They did not build the car. I had the car itself built by a restoration company and installed on a VW chassis. It came out absolutely beautiful and runs very well. Right now, you could not convince me that one of the others is worth $10,000 more, because I am very happy with what I have. It is a different car, but fits my personal taste. Everyone who sees it says it is gorgeous. I think the difference in cars is really how they are built and the detail that goes into them. You can have problems with almost anything out there. The car must fit you, not the other way around.
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