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Running 1835 with dual dell 40's and 36hp shroud with outlets straight out. Looking to pull engine and trans to install a freeway trans. Going to complete clean up/respray of area and sort out whatever needs renewing. In Ohio so running heater boxes too.

Anyone have pics of which tins should be on this engine? I believe it a 1973 block. If anyone can snap some pics or post a diagram that would help.

Anyone else running a Setrab cooler? Mine is located behind driver rear wheel and plumbed from the doghouse cooler case exit back into the oil pump housing? Is this efficient? How did you run you electric for the fan and the 2 sensors?

Do I need a sandwich thermostat block?

Without going into "philosophy of cooling etc" while it is apart where would you go--yea diagrams are appreciated even if hand drawn.

Out once--fixed---live to run for many years is what I want to accomplish.



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I have a similar setup. Setrab cooler in the wheel well. Oil out of the pump housing, to the filter, then the cooler (best to filter the flow before the cooler) and back into the journal on the pulley side of the engine.

I don't have a Mocal sandwich thermostat - because I'm a stubborn curmudgeon - but it's probably better to have one, especially in the midwest.

Even here in balmy California, I drive down into the forties a lot, and in that weather it can take a very long time for the engine to get fully warmed up without the sandwich. I am very careful not to run it hard until the oil is warm, but that can be almost a half-hour sometimes.

In hindsight, this was probably a dumb thing to do. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible, and we were having some space issues fitting the cooler and the filter into the wheel well. But doing dumb things is what these cars are all about, right?

I'd say go with the sandwich.


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