Whitecloud's (gen-u-whine) Long Lost Brother

That's a pretty middle-of-the-road price, if it's in decent shape.  There are a couple very similar cars here in New England, one, a '55 white/black that I've used for dimensions for Gary in South Africa for his build (and Bob Carley's IM-6, too) and an early '56  transitionary car white/fawn down in New Bedford.  Both are semi-rare cars and both guys have turned down offers for almost twice the BAT asking price.  I totally understand that price if it's rare in some way or has a heritage.  For a run-of-the-mill Speedster, though, someone else will have to buy it - not ME!

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The car has a correct four speed but it's not the original transmission. It also has Webers not Solex or Zenith carburetors. The car was resprayed the correct color and a brand new interior.

The car belonged to Reggie Jackson so it has a name to it.

but...most importantly, as Stan wrote, it looks like Whitecloud!

Hence the price!!

I drove a '62 Vette while down south, owned by one of the car club guys.  I believe he named it Christine, after the car in the horror movie.  That thing rode way stiffer than my F250 pickup and I quickly found out why the steering wheels were so large and looked like they belonged in a Peterbilt truck - no power steering and really stiff to turn.  Still, I can at least say I drove one for a day.  

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...and regretted it immediateley, I'd imagine.

Friend on another board reminded me yesterday that there was a Chevette diesel as well. I've been cringing ever since.

The primary problem with the Chevette (as most people purchased them) was that the 1.6 had nowhere near enough power for an automatic transmission or air conditioning. Without those options choking it off, it was basic, reliable transportation. My ownership experience was exactly what I expected of it in 1982. It was at least as reliable as a Type 1, and probably more so  (admittedly, a low hurdle to clear). 

Dad had one with the diesel and AC. It was everything you’d think it would be. 

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