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As a designer, new to the world of auto parts - it's pretty amazing how unusable most sites are.


I want to buy some fog lights for speedster.

75% of shops will show me the headlamps

10% will also show me a 'few' related things (mounts, screws, bulbs)

5% will show me a scanned copy of a parts book with a blowout diagram that's unreadable

5% will show me just a list of parts with no pictures.

5% will make me choose my car, year, model only to show me just a few lamps..

Doesn't it make more sense to:

1. Show the full package information... So you want to buy some fog lights? You'll need A. Lamps B. Bulbs C. Mounts D. Wiring E. Switch F. bolts etc..

For users that are JUST looking for a replacement part - easy enough to find it. But for someone who wants to buy an antenna, steering wheel, mirror set, dual carbs, runners, windshield, stick shift, emergency break or whatever.

Even simple Amazon logic 'people who bought product xxx also looked at these products, or tagging.. anything..

I assume the vast majority of sales for these companies happens on the web...

Trying to buy a replacement emergency break shouldn't require so much effort.

(end of humble rant)



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In the good old days all you had was a JC Whitney catalog and a SoCal catalog.  JC had one for trucks, cars, VW, and motorcycles (Woohoo).  I usually go to ebay - find item there and then google same part to see if I can find a better price on it.  Often Amazon or even Summit/JEGS had better price. On ebay try Marchal Fog Light search.

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