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Hello all. I am just getting into the 356s and have been looking for inspiration on what I want to build.

The car that caught my eye was Jim Kelly’s SAS Coupe Outlaw however my excitement was quickly snubbed when I saw on SAS’s website that they are no longer offering the coupe replica. Does anyone know why?

I saw that JPS makes a flared coupe however I really like SASs water-cooled, mid-engine design.

I’m brand new to the vintage Porsches so please excuse my ignorance but can y’all tell me what my options would be for a flared coupe replica or kit?



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There was a recent thread here that Jim Kelly's SAS had been wreck.  Believe he spun out due to a component failure and the right rear was damaged. There was a picture of his car in that thread.  He turned down insurance companies offer to buy it back so perhaps you could buy it from insurance company's action and bring it back to life.

I can't find the thread - did I just have a very bad nightmare or too much to drink?

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He responded that something apparently broke causing a spin out with him hitting road side going backwards. He said he was unable to check under car and took insurance payout.  Think he said he was doin about 55 mph.  Sad end to a beautiful car - hope someone buys the wreck and brings it back to life!

It's in link about the hot cars -

Email from Jim:

....Thanks for your email and concern.
I know it looks like I was rear-ended, but it was actually a single car accident.  I was on the freeway in the slow lane doing about 55, clear day, not much traffic, smooth road, when the car went into a right hand spin.  I did a 180, hitting the guard rail with the rear of the car.  I had 4 point harnesses and good seats, so I suffered no bodily damage.
I suspect a tie rod, cv joint, or axle failure.  I wanted to witness the inspection by the adjuster, but he finessed me, so I don't know what part actually failed.
Hagerty paid me the ACV of $50K, so that limited my financial loss.  They offered it to me for salvage value which declined.
I'm sorry the car was wrecked, but thankful no one was injured.  It could have been catastrophic if it happened a few minutes earlier.  Thanks again for checking on me.  Best regards, Jim
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@WOLFGANG posted:

Here's another photo from CoPart site - showing rear window gone.  It would be "fun" or a challenge bringing it back if salvage price were reasonable.  Says engine runs (?) so there's good start. Door gaps look ok. Roof  line and rear window frame look ok too.

It's a mid-engine car so it's possible no damage to the engine components at all. And it's quite possible the rear door isn't closed because someone didn't close it all the way.

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