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Getting set up in my garage with a wide-body build. I have a rolling shortened pan from a 69 that I'm fitting the body to and the tires need to come out more to match the body. Am I looking at tires, rims, and spacers? if I'm eyeballing it 1"-2" each side front, and 5"-6" inches each side back. 4 lug if it makes a difference. other options?

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Jimmy, that's the same setup I used to run, tires and all - My tires were Continentals back then, and the car is an IRS rear.  I got my spacer/adapters from Pelican Parts but they were made to my specs.  I also have 3/4" sway bars front and rear and a set of Konis.  The few times I've had it out on a track (Roebling Road and Hutchinson Island near Savannah and a bunch of tracks in New England) it handled like a banshee.  I could not break it loose.  The Cobra guys had lots more power, but they couldn't handle the turns as well.  

I know you've got a really nice handling Speedster.  Enjoy it!

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I run 18x8" Boyd's Junkyard Dogs with 225/35ZR18 tires front and rear on my CMC widebody. I bought it with these wheels. The previous owner installed Empi spacers to convert from four-hole VW to 5-hole Chevy pattern. They were about 7/8" thick, and caused the rear tires to rub in modest corners. I wound up buying disk hubs for all four corners pre-drilled and tapped for the 5-hole Chevy pattern. I prefer studs, so I had a machinist friend drill out the holes and relieve the backs where they're thick, then press in studs. Between that and the addition of a front sway bar, there's no more rubbing, even in hard corners. The photo is with the spacers, before I changed hubs. 



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