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01172B1F-20BE-4976-B3F6-6D04EFA09FE5DE762C40-EC9B-4C7F-9C20-8C457A5A60F3AEE56131-B3D4-4258-A4FC-8F128287EA773A238637-7013-466B-924E-216EFB029689BA479935-7446-48D4-8AFB-4A32DF887E66changing out to more classic look. Perfect condition. Fits Widebody Vintage. I don’t know pattern, backspace or offset. Sorry 

Tires have 90% tread left  


make offer !!!!




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Strange to see the car back in California from Chicago.  Well I guess its home where it was built. 

@Lane Anderson 

My favorite trip in that car was to the Smoky mountains.  I was inexperienced at long Speedster travel and afraid to use the top.  Sandy in me we're dressed warm but I look like a reverse raccoon because I had sunglasses on and it's the only thing that didn't get wind burn.  We should go back for pizza, lol.  Maybe they remodeled  the outhouse.    

I can't tell from the pictures, but I don't think I've ever seen a Super Widebody that didn't have adjustable spring plates on the rear. I have seen a few very old VS cars that didn't have them, but almost all of them came with them.

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For those of you who don't know who BillyD is, he used to have his own show on cable.  He, his son and a couple of other guys, including a midget, restored cars and had some fun incidents.  He's from Southern California and used to be fairly active on the SOC. 

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